Two Preppy Girls

Hello World,

Ellen and Courtney here to bring you fashion tips, styling ideas, fashion on a budget, do it yourself projects and everything in between. We are two preppy girls with a love for fashion. Ellen is the photographer of the two of us and has a great knack for the vintage and refurbishing. Courtney is a grad student on a very small budget for fashion. 
How did we meet? Ellen and Courtney became friends through a mutual friend. Courtney had a outfit of the day instagram account and Ellen enjoyed her style. When Courtney “shut down shop” and deleted her instagram, Ellen continued to request she start it up again. After much thinking and debating, Courtney threw the idea at Ellen on creating a collaboration blog….and here we are now. 
This is the first post, but we hope you stick around to see how our style can help inspire yours or even help realize that the items in your closet can be revamped instead of thrown out. 
As always,
xoxo Ellen & Courtney 

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