DIY Glitter Mason Jars

I love DIY

(CAUTION: There will NEVER be anything that can be done in “Three Easy Steps”)

I decided to try and make some of these glittery mason jars I have been seeing all over Pinterest! I still need some decor for my built-in bookshelves at home so I decided what better then some gold glitter!

Here are the supplies I needed for the project:

IMG_4395– Mason Jar – Painters Tape – Glitter – Mod Podge – Acrylic Paint –
-Brushes for both the Mod Podge and paint –

Here is the glitter I used. I decided on an extra fine glitter because I thought it would cover better. I also mixed three different colors to get the exact color I wanted, a champagne, gold and cream.

IMG_4397I then painted (several coats) on the inside with the gold paint. I decided on Acrylic Paint because I thought the coverage would be better. A lot of sites said to put the paint in and swirl it around. If you are using a thicker paint, THIS WILL NOT WORK. You will just end up wasting your paint and having an extreme mess on your hands. However this system might work if using spray paint because it is much lighter. This picture is one coat of paint.

IMG_4398I was going back on forth deciding if I should paint on the outside or inside. Everywhere I read it said that the paint would peel off if you put tape on it. Knowing I wanted to use glitter (and knowing I don’t have a steady head) inside the paint went.

So after the paint dried I taped the off the area that I wanted the glitter to cover. I then covered the area with Mod Podge (this is not a time to be stingy). From there I had my glitter prepped in a bowl (Prepped meaning I mixed my three colors together to get the desired color and had it ready for the paste) and covered the desired areas!

IMG_4411Here are the final four products. I have to say the easiest was the striped one all the way to the right. I’ll go over briefly how I did them all. Going from left to right:IMG_4515

1. I covered the entire jar in Mod Podge then hoped for the best and just began to dump the glitter all over the jar. Once I covered the entire jar I held it up to the light and realized that there was too many bare spots, so I covered it with Mod Podge again (yes, I kept the first coat of glitter on). This was the messiest jar to make, so I recommend to do over a sink, but it turned out so cute!

2. This was the hardest to make but who doesn’t love a good Kate Spade-esque pattern. I took a giant circle hole punch and punched the holes in the Painters tape (which was not easy so patience is a must). From there I stuck them all over the jar. I was worried that if I filled each dot with the Mod Podge, it would be dry by the time I got to the last dot. So I did it section by section. Some peeled off easily while others peeled both the glue and glitter. This is one jar that needs to wait awhile to dry.

3. This is the one I took you through above. Paint the inside with a brush and once it is dry place the tape around the jar. Apply the Mod Podge then glitter. Once dry peel off the tape.

4. Lastly, my favorite. All I did was place the tape on the jar where I wanted the stripes to be. I made one thin and the other twice its size. The thin line I just painted several coats of the acrylic paint and the thick line I added Mod Podge and rolled in glitter just like in 3.

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