Don’t Blow the Entire Wedding Budget…

I love fashion (obviously). And unlike my amazingly thrifty counterpart, I am not a budget babe. My mother has always said “Ellen, you have champagne taste on a beer budget”. I will admit I enjoy the finer things in life, and by enjoy I mean looking at them from afar while I eat my Auntie Anne’s Pretzel, a less classic Holly Golightly.

Now, I’m not saying that I go in to Fendi and pull a Carrie Bradshaw, no no no! But if I really like a shirt at J. Crew or Anthropologie and I have the funds*, I’ll buy it. There is one condition to my spending a pretty penny, it needs to be practical! Like a great leather purse or a tailored black blazer. I spend money on style, not on trends.

So this is where my title comes into play. The biggest back and forth I have with myself:

The Wedding Dress
To spend, or not to spend, that is the question.

We’ve all seen it on “Say Yes to the Dress” the classic “pull the dress that is out of their price range and have them try that one on” bit that they do. The bride always falls for it. But here’s my concern: What do you do with the dress once it’s been worn on your big day? Play a game of paintball in it? Pack it away in your attic? Wear it out every Friday night to dinner?

I would consider myself an extremely sentimental person, hence why I love photography. You are capturing a moment in your life forever. But when it comes to a $5000 gown, my boss better get ready to have me celebrate Wedding Dress Friday once a month.You better be damn sure if I spend over what I earn in one week on an item, that I will need to wear it until it falls apart. I have been lusting over a pair of black Louboutin’s, I chose black because a black leather pump will always be in style. I always try* to get my moneys worth out of everything I buy.

So I’ve been looking into dresses that won’t break the bank. One that I won’t feel guilty about if it gets shoved in the back of my closet never to be seen again.
These are some that I found:

Embellished Neck Chiffon Shift Dress $148.00
‘Laura’ Ruched Sweetheart Silk Chiffon Gown $230.00
LUCY dress – I Do! Ivory $410.00
Embellished Illusion Back Sheath Dress $398.00
Xscape Cap-Sleeve Lace Gown $179.00
DV Dolce Vita Dress – Liliana Botanical Lace $121.00
Arabelle gown $575.00

Heidi gown $595.00

Enjoy! Tag us in your Instagram pictures at #TOGwedding

P.S. I’m not engaged, I just thought it would be a fun piece to write about!



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