Las Vegas is my Lover

This past weekend I went to Las Vegas, yes for the weekend. Flew out Friday, returned Monday. I have always been a chronic over-packer. What if it rains? What if it snows? What if I meet Beyoncé? I mean the possibilities are endless when going on a trip to Vegas, especially with your sorority sister and college roommate.

So I took this opportunity to try and really plan out everything. From the first day to the last! I mean let’s face it, I’m not going away for a month to travel Europe.

1. Always! Pack the basics
There are only a handful of items you truly NEED. Contacts and glasses (if you wear them), Make-up (if you wear it), a phone charger. Then there are your daily outfits. Again, going back to the over-packing thing I tried to do two outfits a day, one for the day and one for the evening. So doing the math, I would need two outfits for Friday, two for Saturday, two for Sunday and one for traveling home Monday. In total 7 outfits, packing 18 pieces (not including PJ’s and undergarments). For an over packer, I think I did pretty good!

2. Keep it neutral
Pack clothes that go together in multiple ways. I made sure to have one olive jacket and one camel and olive sweater. Two pairs of black heels, one was a stiletto, the other a bootie. For the day time I brought brown leather flip-flops, the classic Sperry and gold flats. All my tops and dresses were either black or Earth tones. Many trips that I would go on, I would not pack heels, there just isn’t a need in some places.

3. Pack for the weather
Before going I checked to see what kind of temps I’d be working with. It was cool for Vegas but it is easy to get overzealous when you’re coming from -12….
So I packed two scarves, one for flying and one leopard print. Everything else could be layered. The sweaters fit under the jacket and a few tanks. I packed two pairs of jeans, one a dark wash and one was lighter with holes. I also packed a pair of leggings.

4. Pack for the location
When vacationing at a place that is also known as Sin City you can imagine that it has a different dress code then most areas. The dresses I packed for Vegas I wouldn’t bring with me to Disney or Cape May. I knew during the day we would do a lot of walking so I packed some comfy shoes, because my feet needed a rest after all that walking in my heels. There were two very handy pieces that I packed, fold-up shoes and a cross body bag. We did so much walking that it would have been impossible to do in heels, so the fold-up shoes were lifesavers! The cross body bag was great too because it fit in my purse for on the plane and it was hands free for lots of pictures and dancing!

Lastly folding your clothes properly goes a long way. A little trick I learned is knowing what to put where. Putting smaller items in between those slats at the bottom of your suitcase can hold a lot. Also rolling your clothes is such a space saver!! So overall, I think I did pretty good. I still have a long way to go in the world a traveling and packing light but this is truly a step in the right direction!

Here are some photos of my outfits from Friday to Monday:


1796479_984320706413_814650770_n-001  DSC01020-001 DSC00892-001 DSC00828-001 DSC00776-001 DSC00807-001

Now it’s your turn, share your favorite packing tips and things that you have learned over the years. Every trip you learn a little more! So tag us on Instagram at #TOGpacking  and I hope all you over-packers out there can use this to help you!



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