What to Wear, Where

There have so many times that I have no idea what to wear and what is “appropriate”. I am a chronic over-dresser.  My friends say jeans in a t-shirt and I come out in my boyfriend jeans, gladiator sandals and my grey pocket tee from Madewell and I’ll probably bring my leather jacket for good measure. Some situations are difficult to dress for, so I’m on Pinterest searching through some random girl’s board titled “Baby Shower Options” or “B-Ball Season!!!!!” to just get some ideas.   So here are some break downs of how I would handle different events! If you need help with an event just email us at theoxfordguide@gmail.com and we would be happy to help you pick out an outfit!

Girls Night Out

Have fun with what you’re wearing! I love a night out with my best friends because they are the ones who know me best and they support my style! I love wearing something a little flirty, like a bubble gum pink dress or a sequin skirt. You can wear your sky high heels and that gaudy necklace together! Highlight your best assets too, even try that smokey eye tutorial you’ve been dying to wear ever since you saw it on Pinterest. Especially being young professionals it’s nice to get out, away from the office and just enjoy your friends. Maybe even start up that old tradition that whenever Nelly’s “Hot in Here” song comes on you take that shot of Patron. So remember girls whenever it’s a night out with the ladies there are no rules in fashion. So have fun and enjoy!

Untitled Here are some great dress websites:
.Tobi. LuLu’s . boohoo.com.

Date Night

One of my favorite nights. This is where we can try that saucy outfit that suits your personality and drive him wild! Tonight though, highlight only one asset. You don’t want to be hanging out all over the place, especially if this is a first date. Bring out your favorite pieces because these are the ones you feel most comfortable in. Never lose sight of who you are though, stay true to your style! Pending on where you’re going will obviously determine what to wear. Nice dinner, try a simple but fitted dress and heels. Going bowling, favorite jeans, a flirty top and a cute pair of flats (but don’t forget your socks!). Movie and a dinner is, casual but fun, wear a pair of wedges, jeans and a chunky sweater.

Check out these sites for some really fun and flirty clothes:

. Ruche . Express . H&M . Free People .


There is nothing worse than a long flight in uncomfortable clothes but that does not mean that we need to put fashion aside. I always travel in light weight layers. You don’t want to be too bulky but you want to be comfortable on the plane, even if you’re in the middle seat! So look casual but put together. I always wear the bulkiest piece (typically a jacket) and have a lighter layer underneath. When I was flying home to PA from Las Vegas I wore my military jacket with a light long sleeve shirt and tank top underneath. I put on a scarf too because it was cold on the plane going there, so I wanted to be prepared!

I think every girl needs a cotton jacket. They work in the summer for those chilly nights and in the fall they are perfect for layering! Here are some jacket ideas:

. Gap . Nordstrom . Target . New Look .

Saturday Errands

I love a boho look when I’m running errands. It needs to look unfussy; you want simple accessories with no heels. You’ll be doing a lot of running around, maybe going shopping for groceries so wear those casual faves. I usually throw on a pair of jeans or leggings with a simple top, maybe a scarf with boat shoes and I am out the door. I love wearing my beanies in the winter especially when I’m running errands. I try not to wear any makeup on the weekends and my hair, let’s just say is not red carpet ready. A lot of times I wear a top knot or a braid. Again it’s an effortless look but you don’t want to look disheveled.

Here are some pieces to achieve that effortless look:


Cheering on a Sports Team (when you don’t own their apparel)

I want to be upfront and say I am not a sports girl. I don’t really like football or basketball but I love baseball. Well I should say I love going to baseball games. I lived in New Jersey when I was going to school so Shea Stadium was only at most an hour from our place. So we’d go to week day games for under $20. My boyfriend loves Duke and the Eagles but I don’t own any team shirts! So a lot of the time I wear the team’s colors and take on a fashionista approach to it. If it’s warm out I’ll try to wear either jean or colored shorts and a basic tee, usually either grey or white. In the winter I usually wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt that will match the team’s colors. We go to Duke games, I usually wear jeans and a blue and white striped tee. I have a lot of Met’s shirts from going to different games but for the rest of these events I’m not so prepared. If you have some time to prepare try to find some of your teams gear. I found that they have some really cute looks out there. They seem to be expensive while in season so my suggestion is buying in the off-season. Here are some pieces I found:


Just go to the teams store and search around. There are always options from traditional t-shirts to bedazzled sweatshirts! You can choose whatever fits your personality!

Job Interview

In this situation, overdress. I have a suit that I bought my senior year of college that I had tailored to fit perfectly and I still have it AND I still wear it. It is more on the traditional side of fashion however the fit makes it classic. I have a pencil skirt and matching blazer (so they are exactly the same black) however you can always mix and match your colors and fabrics. I always play with the shirt I wear under my blazer, a bright splash of color or a bold pattern, that just shows a little bit of me! I am a girl who loves heels, the higher the better but this is not the place to wear your 5 inch peep toed sling-backs. I usually put on a patent leather black or nude pump. I can get away with a higher heel not only because I’m short but because my skirt hem is right in the middle of my knee. Add a ruffle to your blazer, wear a glittery belt or even try a red lip but only pick one! You want the employer to pay attention to you and all you have to say!

Here are some suit pieces and how to match them together:

White House Black Market . Macy’s . Kohls . JCPenney .

The Office

The office apparel is where I have the most fun showing my style incorporated into the business world. I constantly want to push the envelope with business casual. There have been times I wore a hot pink bow-tie with a top knot or chambray and lace. I love a skinny pant with a fun and feminine top. I like to play dress up; maybe I’m feeling a little like Audrey Hepburn, so I wear an all-black outfit with loafers and a chunky necklace. Sometimes I want to dress like a polo player so I throw on my riding boots and navy blazer. Have fun with it; I’ve been working in an office since I graduated college so I can’t let it get boring!

Meeting his parents

This is one of the most nerve-wracking times!  You want to look appropriate enough that his parents think you’re “right for their son” or you can do like my boyfriend did and just throw me into it so I had no time to think. I would personally stick to neutral colors and use relaxed yet refined pieces. Some examples are black jeans with a pair of colored flats and a chambray shirt. Or even try leggings, boots and an over-sized long sleeve shirt.  You want to look polished and well groomed. I know he isn’t courting you but no matter what, the guy you are dating will always be his mother’s baby boy, so you need to win her heart over. I’m not saying that your fashion sense will do it but dressing appropriately won’t hurt.

Remember, no matter what, these are guidelines! Just some ideas for fashion. Each one of us has our own unique taste in clothing (thank god for that). So let’s see yours tag your styles and what you are wearing them for to #TOGoccasion!

Until next time,



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