Classic Styles Never Say Die

How many people remember this commercial?

Or this one?

I’ll never forget seeing Audrey all over Gap in classic all black and loafers. (Remember people this was 2006) What I also will never forget is going into Gap, trying on the skinny ankle pant and HATING every bit of it. I thought it looked ridiculous on me. My mother, again, being ahead of her time, told me over and over again how great they look. Needless to say I walked out of the mall with another pair of flared jeans. I now own at least 4 pairs of “the skinny black pant”.

This article isn’t meant to tell you how to dress. There are so many articles out there that focus in on, “How to” be someone else. The only rule in fashion for me, and it is feeling confident and comfortable. I don’t know how many times over the years I tried to change who I was and how I dress. I’ve become confident in how I dress. I’ll wear a metallic gold blazer or a hot pink bow-tie to work, these are pieces I love. Take a chance with clothes. Life is too short not to take fashion risks!

So many people, including myself, have a hard time with fashion and breaking out of their shell. The other day I bought this bright purple dress that had a very straight cut to it. I tried it on and fell in love with it. I got so many compliments on the color and the dress itself. It wasn’t something that I would normally buy but something just felt right when I had it on. Always try on clothes, you may be surprised.  I suggest going in to a new store and testing out their particular style. Or taking a friend with you who can help you out.

Lastly ladies and gents, we wear these clothes for us and no one else. Just remember that.

So back to the point of my article!

Here are some ways (8 years later) that I styled the little black pant and below are some options if you are interested in picking up a pair!

My favorite little black pants:

J. Crew Factory
J. Crew
Old Navy

My take on the “skinny black pant”. Here some outfits I put together that would go with a black pant!IMG_4866-001– Madewell t-shirt – Express Jacket and Scarf – BCBG boots –

IMG_4863-001– Madewell Button-down – Neiman Marcus for Target lace tank – JCPenney sandals –

IMG_4860-001– J. Crew Factory striped tee – Metallic Sperry’s – Polo baseball cap – Maui Jim Aviators –

IMG_4851-001– Macy’s Cashmere sweater – J. Crew statement necklace – Walmart loafers –

IMG_4849-001– Madewell button-down – DSW leopard loafers – Maui Jim Aviators –
– Juicy perfume and necklace –

IMG_4853-001– The Limited blazer – Anthropologie tank – Macy’s ruffled flats –

So here is my take on mixing and matching. With such a basic pant you can add so much to the outfit! So let’s see your take on the black pant on Instagram at #TOGskinnies!

Until next time,xoxo


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