Internet, Cell Phones, Social Media! Oh My!

Ironic, right? I’m writing on a blog, can’t get much more into the social media trend then that! Hear me out though people!

I can’t even tell you how incredibly awful I am with my phone. From leaving it places and letting it die to forgetting to answer people back, I just hate the proverbial ball and chain that is my cell phone. We live in a society where an instantaneous response is still not quick enough. We are constantly expected to answer on the first ring or like a friends status as soon as they put it up. I have always been an impatient person, so having an option on your phone to show someone you have read their message does not settle well with me. So much has changed over the past several years! Social media is now a must, there is a stigma if you are in your 20 somethings and don’t have a Facebook. (True Life I had to google what the hashtag of #wcw meant… last week).

There are so many things I see on Facebook and Instagram that make my soul ache. You better be damned to think that I would ever first announce to people, especially my family, that I am engaged to the man of my dreams via an iPhone app or Instagram my first selfie as a new mommy. We are living in an age where real-time life updates are just the norm for some of us. What did we do before all of this? I remember talking to my friends, about all the important things in life like the OC and what song should I put on my MySpace, on our cordless phone. The only problem was it always died! And then like any responsible teenage girl I would throw it somewhere, somewhere where I didn’t remember and it would be lost for hours until my mother found it.

I am guilty, extremely guilty, of not enjoying the company that sits in front of me. It is a rude and arrogant trait that all too any of us possess. But these are all due to our ever growing need for the internet and cell phones! I was just out with 3 of my good friends and at one point no one was speaking to each other because we were all playing Flappy Bird! There is something so disturbing about writing that to all of you out there! I should be ashamed of myself! So on that note, here are 8 reasons I hate the internet and cell phones:

1. I can tell you my a lot about my best friends from high school, including their home and cell phone numbers! I can tell you almost everyone in my family’s phone number as well. If I met you after 2007 I’m sorry but we won’t share that bond.

2. I took a roll of film to be developed at CVS about a month ago. I remember pictures being developed for a few cents, well an eaten roll of film later I realized why people don’t take their photos to CVS anymore. So I found this cute little camera shop that could develop my black and white film. Great! Awesome! Wrong….$27.00 later I had my 24 pictures in hand. Now people have these amazing camera phones and don’t feel the need to print pictures. This takes me to my next point, the iCloud!

3. The iCloud. You know what the iCloud reminds me of, the scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where they explain Wonkavision. “It’s flying over our heads in a million pieces”. This is why I am terrible with technology! What would we do (to all you people out there who don’t backup your phones) if something happened and you lost all those pictures!! Well I’m sure you can just take it back to the nice Apple man who will wave his magic wand and fix it, but still!

4. Browsing up and down the aisles of Blockbuster only to pick out the same movie you have gotten the last 7 times you were there. Now the documentaries I watch on Netflix probably have me on some type of government watch list.

5. There was a time where my mom had me write every single person who came to my Communion party a hand written thank you note! It wasn’t one of those picture cards you print out with a nice generic message and some clip-art. No, no, my mother wanted everyone to get a personalized note from me and honestly I can’t thank her enough. I love getting a hand written note or card from a friend. I think it just shows that they took the time to say hi as opposed to writing on your Facebook wall.

6. I really can no longer spell. And because of this there is no need to know the difference between then and than.

7. It is all too easy to misconstrue what someone is saying through a text message. I don’t know how many times I was personally insulted by someone’s message but someone else reads it and takes it a different way.

Now I obviously love the internet  and all that it has to offer! It shows us world we might not otherwise see! But my point is maybe we can get back to that personal level with people. Get to know the person you’re dating and not be stalking their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. When out to dinner leave the phone in the car and enjoy the company of your family and friends. Send a hand written note to a friend you haven’t sen in awhile or get to printing out all of those pictures you have been meany to get to! Trust me, people will appreciate the very small gesture!

So on that note, try it out! Or email your opinion on everything at

So until next time,xoxo


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