Girls Night Out

Going out with your girlfriends is the cure-all to any bad week or picks up your spirit when you get into that horrible fight with your boyfriend. So here is to celebrating the girls! Check out some outfits to get ready for that perfect night out!

– Gap Blazer – J. Crew Tee – Charming Charlie Necklace –
– Anthropologie Flats – Delia’s Jeans –


– Gap Jeans- American Eagle Tank – BCBG Flats – Banana Republic Jacket –
– Francesca’s Collection Necklace – J. Crew Bracelet –


– Gap Tee, Loafers and Jeans – J. Crew Factory Necklace –


– American Apparel Leotard – Gap Jeans – Steve Madden Pumps –


– American Apparel Tee – Francesca’s Collection Vegan Skirt – Macy’s Pumps –
– Vera Wang for Kohl’s Necklace –


– Gap Jeans – J. Crew Necklace – J. Crew Factory Tank – Anthropologie Blazer –
– JCPenney’s Pumps –


So overall we can assume I have too many pairs of Gap jeans but I love them! I love their cut and fit. So if you find yourself at Gap, give their jeans a try. I swear by them!

Until next time,


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