Drink. Drank. Drunk.

Most of us have some pretty ridiculous stories of things we have done and things we wish we didn’t do. These are four scenarios that really sum up 90% of my college and mid 20’s experiences at the bar scene.

Awkward comments to people you barely know

“Oh my god I freakin’ love your outfit!” “You’re so pretty!” “Your hair is like Goldilocks’!” I have gotten all of these remarks and have given out some doozies to myself! There is nothing more entertaining then being on the receiving end of these compliments. However, your stomach aches in the morning from embarrassment when you think of some of the conversations you have had with total strangers, but really it  is just the girl who sits behind you it Statistics. Something in your head screams this is a great idea: Tell this girl in front of you who is waiting to pee that she has a killer fashion sense and totally rocking that oxblood lipstick. You think she will really appreciate this awesome compliment but you honestly couldn’t be more wrong. This is because most of the time you are too drunk not to slur your words and she now is somewhat embarrassed because everyone is staring. Just keep your mouth shut tight and those embarrassing comments to yourself.

Making new “best friends”

You go out with your girlfriends ready to have a great time, have a few drinks and just enjoy the night. Hours go by and you’re friends are ready to leave. They have had enough but they can’t seem to find you. Then they see it, you’re sitting with some random girl having the time of your life. Talking like you have known each other for 30 years! You have bonded over the fact that you both love to wear bows in your hair. Your friends realize you have spent several hours having conversations that are puddle deep. They wrangle you away from your new bestie but not before you get her phone number and add her in as “MA GURLLLL :)”. The next morning at breakfast you can’t escape the mockery of your new BFF! There is evidence of her EVERYWHERE. On Instagram for the entire world to see, all 13 pictures of you from last night. You even captured the two of you posing with the bows in your hair and hashtags that read something along the lines of #BFF4lifeeeeee.

Happenings with your REAL best friend

 These are the nights you remember and talk about for years to come. From getting your friends out of the back of a cop car, to taking it upon yourself to march in the Hoboken Saint Patrick’s day parade with your new found bag-piping friends, they have been through it all. They are the ones who will help you wash all of your clothes because before you drove back to school your mother made some godawful garlic creation that made everything smell. When you go to a bar everyone associates the two of you together and when one of you is missing everyone questions as though you lost a vital organ. Don’t be the friends though who remind everyone of Paris and Nicole. The two hot messes who everyone dreads coming to the party. We all have those friends and if you don’t know who they are in your group, you should probably get your priorities in order.

The Drunken Couple Fight

They’re really kinda cute in the beginning. They know each others favorite shot and they cheers before starting each drink. They take pictures together and tell everyone how much the love each other. Then it seems that they go from 0 to 90 in just one drink. She lingers too long at the bartender or he’s caught staring at another girl, then all hell breaks loose. She’s a slut who he can’t believe he’s dating and he is a prick who doesn’t know how good he has it! It is just a symphony of slurred remarks and curses as they dance about the bar in a drunken rage. She tries to swing at him and only misses because he falls over a bar-stool. It is a site for everyone to see and enjoy!


Until next time loves.


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