Spring Has Sprung!

Here are some of my favorite trends for this season!

Cropped Jackets

Now I’m not talking about the jacket you wore in middle school that looked like it didn’t fit all that well or that God awful cardigan that your mom made you wear with that senior tea dress. The cropped jacket will sit right at the top of your hip and typically has a boxier cut. I really like that they are not fitted because they just have a different look. We are getting away from the extremely tight look this season! Thank god! Plus these jackets are coming in all textures and patters.


boxy-jacket-nyfw-spring-2014-trend-02-w724Your Way

79371378 moonbasa-elbow-sleeve-scalloped-lapel-cropped-blazer-L_p0026817765 105498335 97589989


Oh how I am loving this trend! The pleated skirt gives such a fullness without the bulk. It adds texture but has a subtle softness. Pleats are in shorts and dresses too! Check them out and get ready to fall in love. This is the ideal skirt for that perfect spring outfit. We want to get rid of the heavy layers and fabrics so bring on the chiffon and get ready to twirl!



Your Way

14528151_large dodostyle-band-waist-pleated-midi-skirt-L_p0028741840 104024773 104238219104784231

Metallic and Iridescent

Ever since the 90’s I have loved iridescent, I always want “that fabric that has all the colors!” I used to cringe looking back and seeing my matching track suit in a iridescent purple fabric but now, I’m not hating it. I especially love the shoes pictured below. And we all know metallic is so hot right now, everything from blazers to skirts. Metallic adds some sass to any outfit!



Your Way

93459508 94516736 BGT808J_mx oslo TB_11148320_725


I am still not 100% sold on this style but the more I look into it, the more I realize that it may be my new favorite. I love baseball caps and a side braid. Or eyelet shorts with a chunky sweatshirt.Now listen I’m not telling you to bring back the TLC  look


but try to add more cotton and sneakers into your wardrobe this season. Baseball hats are so cute too and now they aren’t just for your boyfriends. J.Crew has a line out that features a leopard print cap! So give it a change! Plus, who doesn’t love sweatpants? Amirite?



Your Way

104356219 102315852 A4378_KP6201_m17554_SP5699


Wide Legged Pant

It was all just a matter of time until they came back. Here is my one and only issue with the wide legged pant, they need to fit in the right areas, we don’t want to look frumpy! They should hug your hips/waist and right to the top of your butt. From there they should just fall to the floor. But I love the lightness that they bring. Nothing is more annoying then A. taking off your skinny jeans and B. those terrible lines they leave in your legs! So try out this more relaxed look.



Your Way

2665324-p-MULTIVIEW 329c9a580a2373c30368b27e255d8aa0 75100725_normal hmprod 00087748-02

So let me know what you think of these spring trends and share some more with me at theoxfordguide@gmail.com or #TOGspring on Instagram.

Until next time,


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