Country Music and the Unrealistic Expectations it Brings

Whether it comes from Luke:

“Girl, I don’t care. Oh I just gotta see what you’re wearing. Your hair, is it pulled up or falling down? Oh I just have to see it now.”

Or Blake:

“My best day ever? My finest hour, my wildest dream come true? Mine would be you”

These lyrics, from Paisley to Brooks, are the modern day words of Shelley and Wordsworth. They paint a picture of love and lust all intertwined into this beautiful life. These words make your heart ache and long for this type of love, a love that makes it through the worst of storms, literally and metaphorically. Well sorry to break it to you ladies but life isn’t a country song or a Nicholas Sparks novel. We have to look beyond the fairytale. A man does not want to hear “why don’t you say things like that to me?” or “how come you never do anything romantic?” Yes the idea of Keith Urban’s “Cop Car” sounds romantic but I would lose my damn mind if a man told me he fell in love with me in the back of a cop car….

So remember ladies, he does do romantic gestures for you all the time. They are the little things that you take for granted. Like when you wake him up in the middle of the night because you’re thirsty and he gets you the water you asked for. He would never tell his friends he does this but he would do anything for you.

So here are 4 reasons that country music gets me into fights with my boyfriend.

1. Don’t take advice from lyrics.

There was a time when women would pass along information from generation to generation. These stories and words came from experience and knowledge and 50 years of marriage. In today’s society we get so much of our love advice from social media and reality shows. There aren’t “50 Ways to Make Him Fall in Love” or “12 Dating Tips That Make Him Swoon”. We rely so much on what others are doing and we feel the need to take their course of action. Country music and romantic comedies will be the bane of every man’s existence because he will never be able to compete! He’ll never wait hours for you in the pouring rain because he can’t even wait the two minutes for his Hot Pocket to heat up. Men just have a different thought process, so take the time to get to know his. Learn what makes him tick and share the same with him.

2. Does he do too little or do we expect too much?

Just because he doesn’t put the seat down and always has food on his face after he eats, does not mean that a man is not husband material. Women need to understand what is important in a relationship. There are people who “aren’t picky” but have “high expectations”. The problem is, is that we don’t have high enough exceptions about the stuff that matters but we do care about how tall he is or what our children will look like. We should worry more about things that will affect us in the long run such as being supportive and having good character. Men will never understand our thought process or why we get upset over things he thinks are silly; however, a good man will understand that he hurt you and will try to make it right. He will always take more time choosing his fantasy baseball team then he will picking out your Valentine’s Day card, that is just that but at least he remembered it was Valentine’s Day!

3. How long is your list?

Oh the list. We all have one, it could be pages long with the most asinine of traits such as enjoys a good romantic comedies but loves to go hunting and do man things. We want the full package of looks, charm, loyalty, trust, passion and personality. We want the body of David Beckham and the personality Zach Galifianakis. We will never find that perfect man because Prince Charming is as realistic as a unicorn who makes you pancakes every morning. We all have our flaws, yes I’d love to look like Mila Kunia with Jennifer Lawrence’s personality but I gotta work with what I got. We need to do the same for our men. So stop chasing and look at the wonderful man in front of you.

4. He’s sensitive yet masculine.

One of the top traits a man must possess is masculinity. He must be strong so he can support and feed his family. We expect them to drink a beer and talk about sports. Then we want them to be the exact opposite. Can you imagine how confusing this is?? This is why it is so hard for men to understand the female population. Brad Paisley sums in up in his song “I’m Still a Guy”. We want them to speak to us like the top Country artist sing to their audience’s every night. We want romance and surprises and flowers, then once we get that we want him to outdo himself the next time. We have to look past the “what happens once he gets the girl?” We all can’t be models and actors so we need to remember none of us are perfect.


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