You Gotta Work With Whatcha Got

What if we all looked the way we wanted? Our ideal weight became reality, our worries about money washed away. Your love life is exactly the way you pictured it. Do you think we’d all be happier? Or would we just find new things to hate?

To be in love with our bodies is not an easy task. We can always find fault somewhere. We are never skinny enough, never toned enough, our hair’s too thin or our teeth aren’t straight. Well we can’t change out genetic make up so we have to work with what our parents gave us. We have to start to love ourselves, hating our bodies for the first 20 years of life seems like such a daunting task. Instead what we do is we pick what we love about other people, “God, her skin is flawless” or “I’d kill for her legs” but what about all of your amazing assets?! Even the women that our society idolizes have “problem areas” and things they would change about themselves. Never dwell on your weaknesses, instead find and build upon your strengths.


Personally I have thin hair and I hate it! I wish I had long curly hair that made me look like a mermaid or a girl in a Hollister ad. It took me quite some time and a lot of money to realize that no amount of hair product can give me the hair I want. Through trials and tribulations with hair styles, and I have had some doozies, I realized that it is just hair and can always grow and be changed in color.

The best bet is to ask your stylist for help! They know best, knowing not only what looks good for your face shape but what works for your hair type as well. Take a bunch of pictures on your next appointment so they can see your vision and you both can work together. I have gone to the same stylist Leah for years and we have a relationship where she will tell me if it will look good or not. So remember if you ask for a honest opinion, people will give you one and you may not always like the answer. Whenever I take a picture of a Victoria’s Secret model Leah just laughs because it isn’t feasible to make me look this way! So don’t get caught up in the Hollywood glamor. You have real hair, with all of its flaws, embrace it. Or just get a weave.


I have the skin of a hormonal, axe wearing 13 year old boy. I’ve been on acne medication for years, some days are good, some days are bad, but I gotta work with it. I will never be the face for Covergirl and I know that but I can make myself look the best I can. I try using a light foundation and give myself an overall “natural look” for work. Whenever I don’t need to wear make-up I wont but I do enjoy wearing it. So if I’m running errands and grabbing dinner with close friends, makeup won’t touch my face. If I’m going out though, for some reason, I try to hide behind my Sephora mask, which is something you should NEVER do. I put on liquid foundation, bronzer, highlighter, eye shadow, liquid eyeliner, mascara and lipstick, that’s a lot of make-up….

Remember to take care of your skin. Drink lots of water and take daily vitamins. These little task won’t cure it all but it will allow for more “clearer skin days”. Honestly, it comes down to you personally though. For example, my college roommate could practically rub dirt all over her face and never see a blemish. I on the other hand, breakout all the time. But if you look her family, they have flawless skin while mine, let’s just say thank god for Dermatologists.

I do love makeup though and all the fun you can have with it. My only suggestion is don’t hide behind it! Use it to highlight your strong points, if you have blue eyes then pull out those warmer colors to make that eye pop, you have high cheek bones then add some highlighter to really accentuate your bone structure. Check out some tips from (some of the tips are a bit… differnt, while others are really good ideas!).

The best makeup tips and tricks!! Wish I had known these a long time ago.Photo from


This is a demon we all have our daily battles with. We look in the mirror and hate what we see. We want to be taller, our chest is too small, our hips are too big. The list can go on and on but yet again, we can’t seem to find anything beautiful in the reflection looking back at us. Once you learn to love yourself and your body you can open your heart up to so much more. I’m not saying you should stop trying to make yourself better, but you don’t need to beat yourself up, there are far too many people out there who do that for you!

There are a few things we can do on a daily basis to help our overall look. First off, wear clothes that actually fit. I committed this fashion crime more then I’d like to admit but it happens. You put on a shirt and it’s just a little too snug and think no one will notice, then you sit there all night fussing and pulling that damn shirt! So whether it’s jeans or a blouse, remember, we want it to look as though it was tailored for you and you alone. Also, workout! It doesn’t mean you have to run on the treadmill until you feel like you’re going to keel over, but try something you like. I played field hockey in college, so when I came home the LAST thing I wanted to do was run or lift. I tried joining the gym but I would catch myself not going for weeks on end and when I finally would go I would just walk around socializing. So after a lot of trial and error, I found my fitness home, boxing! I love it and I get excited to go! So whether it is walking around your neighborhood or competing in the Tour de France get out there and get moving! Lastly check out this article, she has a great blog. Confidence is crucial to any fashionista, but it all comes from within. Don’t beat yourself up!

So be true to who you are and what you love. What other people say or do should not affect you! I know it is easier said then done, but just try to love the person staring back at you, trust me, only good can come from it.


So until next time all,
Stay confident and beautiful.





I have loved the statement necklace trend for quite some time! More and more stores are running with the idea of having big, gaudy jewelery in their lines. It just can add so much to an outfit, especially if you feel your outfit needs just a little something more! Another look that had peaked my interest is the layering of long necklaces. It give a delicate look to a basic outfit. It can be paired with a white tee and jeans or a maxi skirt and plain tank, to give your outfit some more details and depth.Below are my favorite stores and my hand-picked pieces that are available now! But first let’s get the basics down!

Ideas on how to wear these necklaces:

-Typically the website will have the models showing off their jewels so you can get an idea from there
– With the bigger necklaces, wear your hair up. This will give you clean lines and let that bauble take center stage
– Keep it minimal. You don’t want your necklace to get lost in the rest of your outfit
– Wear bold colors and get a little crazy! Isn’t that the point of costume jewelry?
– Try buttoning your blouse all the way to the top so your necklace can give that collar effect
– Use it to highlight your chest! If the necklace lays just above, NOT TOO LOW, it will draw the eye to your chest and collarbone in a non skanky way!
– When layering try to have one simple necklace in the equation, use that to highlight the bigger necklace. Or even try two simple necklaces together.
-When layering longer, thinner necklaces, try to keep them a few inches apart in length. If they are all the same you won’t be able to pick out the different pieces. So maybe wear a 36″, 32″ and a 30″
– Remember, work with your lines and tops. If you have a low round collar you can fill that with a giant necklace. If you have a higher, chunkier neckline, try to wear the longer  more delicate necklaces.


Luxurious Layers NecklaceGuest A-List NecklaceTwice Gold Tales Necklace

Glitz It Up NecklaceBlushing Blossoms NecklaceBerry Granita Necklace



Pink Pineapple Shop

Loop de LueBlue DragonflyCrystal Horseshoes necklaceMidnight MagicCobalt gem bibCrystal Floral Blooms











House of Harlow 1960 Olbers Paradox Kate Spade New York Bow NecklaceSabine Pear Cabochon Statement NecklaceSabine Scalloped Flower NecklaceTinley Road Flower Link NecklaceHive & Honey Gold Cord Necklace





Mixed gems necklaceWildflower necklaceBell tassel pendant necklace

Mint stone statement necklaceStacked stones necklacePearls and petals pendant necklace





Some other sites to check out!



stella & dot

Mindy Mae’s Market

Kate Spade

“Wear sequins in the sun, your heart on your sleeve, and remember everything looks better with a smile, Spanx, and a statement necklace!”


So until next…


A Tight Pair of Chinos and Ditty-Bop Shades


Chinos are khaki’s more sophisticated cousin. They give anyone a preppier look. I am a huge fan of chinos for both men and women! Usually they come in bolder colors, like red, blue and green. They are typically found on Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers and Vineyard Vines models. I found that J. Crew factory carries a few different styles of women’s chinos (at a much more affordable price). Some are fitted while others take on more of a boyfriend look. Pictured below are the “Waverly” style which is a bit on the baggier side. They do not have these in stores right now but the Frankie Chino is a close second. I love to cuff them, it gives them a lighter and more feminine look. Check out this Who What Wear article on how to tuck and fold like a pro!

Here are a few ways I styled my favorite summer pant. Chinos and linen pants are my “go to” for the warmer days ahead. Since I work in an office I can’t wear a lot of my dresses or skirts so I have a collection of the Waverly Chinos. I have them in red, charcoal, olive green and light grey. I wanted to show different ways to style these pants. Everything from work wear to weekend wear.

Dressed Up

IMG_5656-001 IMG_5745-001 IMG_5705-001 IMG_5736-001

Dressed Down

IMG_5664-001 IMG_5751-001 IMG_5719-001  IMG_5733-001



First – Banana Republic Blazer – J. Crew Factory Tank – Anthropolgie Necklace – JCPenney Pumps –

Second – Gap Striped shirt – Silver Sperry’s –


First – Ray Ban’s glasses – J. Crew factory pop-over – Steve Madden pumps –

Second– J. Crew linen shirt – J. Crew Sperry’s –


First – Gap button- down – JCPenney flats – J. Crew bubble necklace –

Second – J Crew Factory tee – Sam and Libby for Target oxfords –


First – J. Crew factory blazer, tank and flats –

Second – Mr. Met tee – Converse Chucks –

So let’s see those chino’s styled on Instagram and tag your pictures at #TOGchino

Until next time,


Prints Perfect

There is SO much etiquette that goes along with men’s fashion. When looking over some information I got a little overwhelmed. What knot goes with what occasion, what type of cuffs do you wear, how should your shirt lay under your sport coat, the list goes on and on! So today I really just want to focus on one of my pet peeves, mixing patterns with your ties and dress shirts.

Basic colors are simple, grey suit, with a white shirt and navy tie is easy. It is safe and very very boring. We want to leave all of that a move on to the next step, patterns and prints. They show a lot about a person, not only that they can mix and match properly, but also that they have a personality. Just think about the men you know who will wear a paisley tie with a purple shirt, I’m sure they keep to themselves at lunch. So this is to go over the basics of Pattern Mixing 101.

A lot has to do with the color choices, not so much the patterns chosen. We don’t want perfectly matching colors because we don’t want it to look they came together in a plastic bag from the Bon Ton. Instead we want colors that compliment each other. If you have a mint colored shirt you don’t need a mint and navy collegiate striped tie. So let’s get going.


Pick Your Shirt

So, we need to start from the beginning. The shirt. This is the canvas for the priceless painting! You want, just like women do, to have a shirt look like it was made to fit you and you alone. The color is important as well because you don’t want a color that washes you out or have something that is too bold. For example if you have a lot of pink in your face typically a pink or red shirt is not something you want in your closet, try more cooler colors like blues and greens.

So first, determine what the dominant color is in the shirt then choose a tie that has accentuates the shirts dominant color. Is navy the primary color? Then pair it with a tie that has darker blues in the background or somewhere so it all “ties together”.

Ideas and Examples

We are going to give you some basic examples here. Once you master these you can take on this:

Geometric with flowing patterns

Take note to the bold colors and and all the patterns, but yet it somehow works. The geometric pattern of gingham has a crisp, sharp lines. Only two colors are involved, one of which is white. You look at the purple and want to pull from that. So you see subtle hints of a darker purple in the paisley tie. Paisley was used because it is the exact opposite of the hard lines ginham makes. It has a fluid look to it. The tie is packed with colors and patterns while the shirt is quite simple.

Large and Small

When working with a shirt that has a smaller pattern like gingham or hounds-tooth it allows to have a solid color affect. It is hard for the eye to determine if it is a patterned or solid colored shirt. The example below is not my ideal creation but you get the idea. The pattern will either be so small or so close in color that you can use a bold styled tie. This is too matchy matchy for me but you can see how bold you actually can go with the look.

Solid shirts

This is probably the easiest shirt to match because you don’t have a pattern that is working against you! All you have to do it use the primary  color in the shirt to chose your tie. Notice that none of the ties have a light pink as the main color. The first uses a light pink as the background of the tie but it is covered with navy, purple, light blue and a square pattern. The last uses light pink as one of the circles, but it is not the primary focus. So compliment the color don’t copy it.

Stripes on Stripes

This is probably the most common shirt you will be working with. The key to the success with this shirt and tie combo is the size of the stripes. The stripes in this shirt are small yet colorful, just like the geometric pattern. The stripes in the shirt highlight the colors chosen in the tie. Also take note to the stripes that were chosen for this combo. They go in a different direction and are much more bold. The tie brings in two more complimentary colors to the look, bright purple and navy.

Stripes with Pattern

This is a style that if not done properly can make you look like a side show clown act. The stripes on the shirt are a soft pastel pink and white. The tie pulls from the pink in the shirt. If you see the red and hints of peach throughout, that is coming from the shirt. Looking a bit further away you notice, the blues greens and bits of yellow. This is a tough combination but it works because of the softness of the shirt with the boldness of the tie that pulls from the shirts main color.

Some tips and tricks

Remember wear the larger prints on your tie

Your ties should always be darker than your shirt

Establish the color in your shirt (ex. purple) and pick a similar color (plum, lavender, grape, orchid)

Your patters must compliment each other, put big and small together not big and big

Have fun! We want to look fashionable

And remember if at first you don’t succeed, you will look funny but try again!

Some references to use:

Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl

All of the men in Scandal (take note to the subtly of pattern mixing)

Mad Men

Big from Sex and the City

Neal Caffrey of White Collar

Brooks Brothers

The Tailored Gentleman

When in doubt Emily Post    -1-    -2-    -3-

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.”

 Stay bold,


Party Dresses

It’s that time of the year again where we want to show off all of our dresses and not worry if we will need a coat! Spring and Summer are upon us and I know personally I have a lot to look forward to this season. Between all the parties and events I have, I’ll need some fun dresses to accompany me! There is always a need for a fun party dress but I know that they aren’t always the easiest to find so I created a listed of my favorite places to online shop for the best dress to dance the night away in.

Dorothy Perkins United States Logo

Floral Print Textured Ottoman DressCoral ottoman dressMulti Floral Flared DressCream And Black Shift DressBlack embellished vest dressCream+navy embellished dressBlack Gold Coin Tunic Dress


It Began with a Sparkle DressDresses - Quintessential Quality DressDresses - Summertime Gladness DressReception Reveries DressSoiree What You Will DressDesert Treasure Dress


Motel Body-Conscious Dress With PanellingASOS Embellished Cage Shift DressASOS Cami Swing DressLove Shift Dress with Deep V BackTFNC Body-Conscious Dress With Mesh And Beaded Embellishment   Image 1 of ASOS SALON Bright Floral Jacquard Skater Dress Warehouse Piped Jacquard Shift Dress



Folk Pattern Beaded Slip DressScoop Back Jersey Maxi DressMetallic Two Tone Skater DressOpen Back Bodycon Tunic DressLace Panels Bodycon DressMOTO Stripe Denim Dress

White Round Neck Sleeveless Bow Pleated DressMelon Red Sleeveless Floral Pattern Chiffon DressNeon Green Sleeveless Ruffle Backless DressYellow Sleeveless V Back Bandage DressWhite Sleeveless Floral High Low Chiffon DressBlack Sleeveless Hollow Lace High Low DressPurple Sleeveless Multi Polka Dot Flare Dress


So here are some ideas! You can even try and see what they have there. It is a huge database of everything fashion with the link that sends you right to the site where you can buy the item. I go on there whenever I am looking for something color specific! So if you have any favorite dress sites or clothing in general, email me at!

Stay Beautiful,


Work Wear


– Tommy Hilfiger Dress – Target Belt – J. Crew Factory Necklace – Macy’s Watch –
– JCPenney Heels –




– Gap Flats and Pants – J. Crew Factory Blazer – NY&Co Tank –




– Gap 3/4 sleeve – J. Crew Factory Pants – Kohl’s Pearls – Banana Republic Blazer – JCPenney Flats




– J. Crew Factory Sweater and Pants – Francesca’s Collection Necklace – DSW Loafers –




– J. Crew Factory Waverly Chino – Forever 21 Top – Gap Flats – Anthropologie Necklace –



10 PG Things Men Should Do More Of

“A true gentleman is one that apologizes anyways
even though he has not offended a lady intentionally. He is in a class all of his own because he knows the value of a woman’s heart.”

Help you put on your jewelery

My oh my, this for some reason makes my heart flutter. Tilting your head and moving your hair to the side so he can put on that delicate necklace he got you, makes me blush. Or when you can stick out your wrist and have him clasp your bracelet, it just seems so romantic in true gentleman nature.

Hold your gaze a second too long

You’re out with a group of people, you get a little closer, you begin to talk more. You catch him staring at you and at first you look away but the next time you don’t want to break that eye contact. You like looking at him and you love that he is looking at you. People are talking all around but you two get lost just for a second or two in each others eyes. You then rejoin the rest of the world but just for that moment, so much was said without a word being spoken.

A kiss on the forehead or nose

It’s a comfort measure and there is really nothing sexual behind it. He does it when he brings you in close for a hug and he looks back to look into your eyes and just wants to show how much he loves you in that very moment. He leans in a kisses your forehead for awhile while he breathes in your scent and holds you tight. Or he kisses the tip of your nose and puts his forehead against yours and just looks into your eyes.


I find it very endearing and extremely sexy when a man goes out on the dance floor and can move. It shows that he is able to have fun AND that he has confidence! Seeing a guy and girl dance together, now when I say dance I don’t mean grinding or booty droppin’, I mean swing and ballroom dancing, is just beautiful. They are a couple who can move together. A man who can dance was not always seen as masculine, but people could not have been more wrong and it honestly it has so many amazing qualities.


Looking up and having him wink at you from across the room. This really one of my favorite things a man can do in a crowd to have you know he is thinking about you. He was waiting for the opportune time to get your attention and give you a quick wink. And not a creepy wink like “how you doin’?” more like a “Smile. I like when you smile”.


Not like that Ambercrombie and Fitch smell but a scent that says I did all I could to get you to notice how much time I look into getting ready. When she walks by you, you want to catch her attention. A woman appreciates a good cologne and appreciates more a man who can pick one out for himself. Remember fellas Axe is not an option. Invest in a name brand scent.

Brush her hand “accidentally”

Trying anyway to have that skin to skin contact in the beginning of the relationship is exciting and somewhat exhilarating. So when he walks by and brushes up against you and looks back in a coy manner, you know he was and will be thinking about you for the rest of the night. Those little touches mean so much even if you have been together for years because he is still trying to get close to you and just feel your skin against his.

Know how to cook

Any man who knows his way around the kitchen is extremely sexy. He also might have his signature dish he loves to whip up. My mother came from a generation where men had their duties, as did women, they were never crossed. So now men are cooking and cleaning  which is a total turn-on to women. They can help around the house and cook while you are at the gym so YOU can come home to a hot meal. They use this to show their love for you.

Genuinely laugh together

There is nothing better then a good belly laugh, the kind that has you in tears and has you forgetting the world around you. When you connect with someone who makes you feel that way, it allows so many barriers, that you didn’t even know were up, to come down. He has now seen you teary eyed and snort laughing and has never been so in love. Never let that light burn out. Always make each other laugh and smile.

When he helps you

Helps you carry something, helps you across a puddle or helps you with your life problems. Having him there makes everything better. Knowing that when you are sick he will be there to run your back and get your Ginger Ale and crackers. When you are in heels and can’t seem to walk properly on the icy sidewalks so he puts out his arm or give you his coat to put over your hair as you run in from the rain.


25 Things I Would Tell My High School Self

1. High School is not as big a deal as you think, it all gets better from here

2. Not everyone’s opinion will matter

3. Take more time for yourself

4. Try to self-reflect

5. Don’t let not starting varsity ruin your love of the game

6. It’s ok that you’re dramatic, your 16, but don’t fight over stupid things

7. Girls will be mean to you and say things to purposely hurt your feelings, you don’t need to be their friend

8. Learn that second language

9. Your ranking or GPA does not determine the kind of person you are.

10. Be confident in who you are even if you have bad skin and can’t figure out how to wear eyeliner

11. Actually, don’t wear make-up. You do not need it, you will have to wear it for the rest of your life. Give your skin a rest.

12. Don’t compare yourself to anyone

13. Your parents aren’t horrible, they really do love you and want only what is best for you

14. Try different styles. Just because the “popular girls” aren’t wearing it doesn’t mean you can’t do your own thing

15. NEVER EVER EVER fight over a boy, he isn’t worth it

16. If someone tells your a secret, always keep it. This should be a trait you learn young and carry with you

17. Remember the golden rule, you don’t like it when someone is mean to you so just always have the other person’s feelings in mind

18. Read the book because when Les Miserables come out in theaters, you can have an educated conversation about it 8 years later

19. Please do not get upset because you aren’t in someones “Top 8” or AOL Profile

20. From Alabama to Albany your best friends will still be there and they won’t forget you

21. You are good enough

22. Hang out with your family, stay in on a Friday night for a game night, you won’t regret it

23. Enjoy a life without any true responsibilities and don’t complain about your “stress level”

24. Not everyone will like you but there is something admirable in being kind to everyone

25. You’ll survive it all, I promise you that

Lastly you should have pictures like this:

We were sitting in a gazebo in Sam’s Club….

Prom 2007

Some things women need to let up on…

My quick wit and sharp tongue aren’t my most endearing qualities and at times get me in a lot of trouble. I make hasty decisions and judge other much too soon. But looking at the gender as a whole, I know I do not stand alone in holding this charming “trait”. If we could come together and use our powers for good, we would be unstoppable. How many times have you not liked someone because they didn’t like you? Instead of trying to fix the matter you just bring gasoline to the bonfire. Life is too short to be mean and hold grudges. So here are some things us gals need to ease up on!

1. Stop judging

Female company should be a safe space. Never something we should have to worry about. I always love when I get compliments from women. They genuinely like something so much on you, that they want to tell you. Unlike any man, who just likes your boobs in that dress. Judging other women on their body type or style isn’t the way to go! We have a lot of other battles we have to deal with and having people who tell us our faults, shouldn’t be on our radar. No one cares about your opinion unless you’re a doctor and more often than not, they’ll get a second.

2. Who cares what they are wearing?

Who gives a damn if someone is wearing leggings as pants and a crop-top? Does this affect your life in any way? I know I have been trapped in that monster before. A new girl comes into your group and you size her up immediately, probably worse than the modeling agent from Vogue. In 5 seconds you realize if you like her or not based on the clothing on her body. No one tells guys what to wear; you don’t hear them whispering about each other and how the baseball tee does nothing for their figure! Let people be, let them wear what makes them happy. I’m sure you don’t always look like you stepped off the runway, so be nice!

3. What the wedding is like?

OH the wedding topic. First of all this is such a social pressure that makes everyone act all funny. From brides to friends to family. These poor women (keep in mind all I am not married or engaged so I can only imagine the stress) have to plan this entire event and make sure everyone is happy. Because you know, that someone will bitch about something. Your third cousin won’t like where she is sitting, your co-worker won’t like the food that was chosen and your great uncle won’t like that he did not get a wedding favor. You are constantly being judged, all you brides out there, just so you know. Everyone questions every detail you chose. Again this does not affect your life so leave it alone. No one wants your opinion but they do fight off every demon to offer it. So this leads to the next topic…

4. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

There is always that girl who looks flawless. She makes you feel uncomfortable either that you’re outfit is too short or that you’re wildly under-dressed. She has effortlessness about her, she’s kind yet witty and people just flock to her. So what do we do as the female gender? We judge. We TRY to find a flaw in her, we try to hate her! What the hell is the matter with us? It would be so much more beneficial to have this person in your corner, so instead let’s try to befriend her! Then we have the opposite side of things, someone we hate. It is easy to make fun of them and judge them. No matter what they do it is never right. Why do we do this to each other? Why can’t we either let it go and not talk about someone OR just find the good in every situation? Easier said than done, I guess…

Whoever we are, whatever we look like, and whatever we wear, do it with confidence and kindness in your heart. People will talk and say mean things but just go forward with you head held high. Keep it above all of the nonsense and grief. Never let anyone tear you down because there is so much more to life. Don’t let people who don’t matter get you down.

Lastly take this little piece of advice with you everywhere you go.

Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, really to sleep. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell. And when you get angry, get good and angry.
Try to be alive.”

Live a full life, one you will be excited to tell your children about! Remember I am always available by email at

Until next time,

Weekend Wear

I always get the Monday blues after a great weekend. This weekend we really didn’t do too much (which is a change of pace). Friday we stayed in and made homemade pizza! It was delicious plus I am quite proud of myself because I don’t cook! So I don’t think you guys want to see my leggings and Hanes white v-neck. So let’s start with Saturday!


I had to run into work for a few hours and then of course I went shopping.


– Gap Black Jeans – JCPenney Flats – J. Crew Factory Chambray shirt –
– Anthropologie Scarf –

I picked up a two pairs of J. Crew dress pants on sale! Both came out to $30. They were marked down PLUS an additional 60% off!


– Minni Pant in pink – City Pant in Polka dot –

Then I went into Charming Charlies because I needed a cheap chain. I bought coasters from Anthropologie over Christmas that had the cutest wish bone charm tied on them. So I cut (with pliers) the old charm off and added the new charm!


Saturday night we grabbed a bite to eat and had a few drinks. So I wore something casual plus I got to wear my new Sam and Libby for Target sandals. This is the first time it has been truly warm here!


– Gap jean shirt – Forever 21 tee – J. Crew Factory leggings –
– Sam and Libby for Target sandals and belt – My new necklace –


I had my great-aunts 75th birthday party so I wanted to wear something fun and light!


– J. Crew Factory sweatshirt and shorts – Rainbow flip flops –

Then we went out to dinner with our friends!


– J Crew Factory dress – Loft Sandals – Kohl’s pearls –

So Happy Monday all! Have a glass of wine and enjoy the warm weather ahead!