At 24 You Can Be Good at Your Job but Still Suck at it.

You graduated business school from an accredited university. You want to change the world, be the next Warren Buffett. You’ve learned all the theories and read all the books, you aced all the classes and now you’re ready to be on the front page of Forbes.

Slow down little girl.

So many of us feel entitled to a job we are not at all qualified for. Just because we have a four year degree doesn’t mean anything. All the classes in the world will never compare to 20 years of experience. Initially it is a hard pill to swallow; they filled your head with all these fantasies of sign on bonus’ and 6 figure salaries, but every position states 3+ years’ experience. So you find the ones that say minimum 1 year experience required, and you apply like a mad person! Clicking and submitting, until finally:

The interview is easy! You had classes on this stuff! How to be prepared, how to answer the tough questions. You let your personality shine! You learned everything you could about the company off their website and you are ready to impress them with your ability to memorize useless pieces of information! You have this ridiculous suit on that your business professors swore up and down that you HAD TO HAVE and you even have yourclassiest pair of nude stockings on!

Not even realizing that this would be your first step to becoming your very own Warren Buffett, you get the job.

Your first job out of college is tough; I’m not going to lie. There was never a class on how to handle a discrepancy in the office or how to deal with an irate customer. That $50,000 a year education taught you Statistics and Chemistry but someone forgot to teach you how to stay afloat in the real world. You learn to ask a lot of questions and mimic those who seem to know what they’re doing. You try to keep a low profile in the office because you don’t want them to know that you have no idea what you’re doing.

Experience is crucial, obviously that was a dumb sentence, but really think about it. How many college grads feel entitled to work a position they do not have the experience for? You have to build a strong foundation and actually WORK your way to the top. Learn the basics and build on them. Never stop educating yourself and learning all aspects of the business.

Being a young professional I do not want to lose myself in my work, which sometimes I find myself doing. I show myself and my personality through my clothes. I love fashion and as I have talked about before, I love showing the business world who I am through my clothes. Seemed a little farfetched at times but I use my office and the people I work with as my own personal runway. It seems that some people have lost the ability to dress themselves. We used to live in a world where people cared how they dressed and what they wore. I very rarely see people who are dressed appropriately and even fewer who still possess the art of fashion.

Here are some quick tips on how to dress the part:

Tailor it, always tailor it.

Your clothing should look like it was made to be on your body and your body only. If you fall in love with a $20 dress and it is just a little too long in length or baggy in the hips, take it to a tailor. They will make sure it hugs you in all the right places. Ladies, this hold true for your men as well!

Not everything is meant for the office

Leave the hooker heels at home girls and fellas your canvas sneaker, though extremely stylish aren’t meant for the office. The length of skirts should not be interchangeable with your weekend wear and blouses should cover-up your body. Clothes should enhance your body in the sense that we leave a little to imagination. If you really want to be taken seriously don’t dress like you’re VIP at the 40/40 Club.

Be yourself

So lastly wear your style (but stay within the dress-code). I’m more of a neutral and earth-tone kinda gal but if you love neon by all means wear that electric blue blouse but make sure you keep in under the all black business suit. And who’s to say you can’t wear that statement necklace! So stay true to you and leave your mark along the way!

So check out every Friday (sometimes Saturday) post about what I wore to work and tag on Instagram #TOGworkwear so I can see your take on business wear!

Until Next Time,


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