Weekend Wear

I always get the Monday blues after a great weekend. This weekend we really didn’t do too much (which is a change of pace). Friday we stayed in and made homemade pizza! It was delicious plus I am quite proud of myself because I don’t cook! So I don’t think you guys want to see my leggings and Hanes white v-neck. So let’s start with Saturday!


I had to run into work for a few hours and then of course I went shopping.


– Gap Black Jeans – JCPenney Flats – J. Crew Factory Chambray shirt –
– Anthropologie Scarf –

I picked up a two pairs of J. Crew dress pants on sale! Both came out to $30. They were marked down PLUS an additional 60% off!


– Minni Pant in pink – City Pant in Polka dot –

Then I went into Charming Charlies because I needed a cheap chain. I bought coasters from Anthropologie over Christmas that had the cutest wish bone charm tied on them. So I cut (with pliers) the old charm off and added the new charm!


Saturday night we grabbed a bite to eat and had a few drinks. So I wore something casual plus I got to wear my new Sam and Libby for Target sandals. This is the first time it has been truly warm here!


– Gap jean shirt – Forever 21 tee – J. Crew Factory leggings –
– Sam and Libby for Target sandals and belt – My new necklace –


I had my great-aunts 75th birthday party so I wanted to wear something fun and light!


– J. Crew Factory sweatshirt and shorts – Rainbow flip flops –

Then we went out to dinner with our friends!


– J Crew Factory dress – Loft Sandals – Kohl’s pearls –

So Happy Monday all! Have a glass of wine and enjoy the warm weather ahead!


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