Some things women need to let up on…

My quick wit and sharp tongue aren’t my most endearing qualities and at times get me in a lot of trouble. I make hasty decisions and judge other much too soon. But looking at the gender as a whole, I know I do not stand alone in holding this charming “trait”. If we could come together and use our powers for good, we would be unstoppable. How many times have you not liked someone because they didn’t like you? Instead of trying to fix the matter you just bring gasoline to the bonfire. Life is too short to be mean and hold grudges. So here are some things us gals need to ease up on!

1. Stop judging

Female company should be a safe space. Never something we should have to worry about. I always love when I get compliments from women. They genuinely like something so much on you, that they want to tell you. Unlike any man, who just likes your boobs in that dress. Judging other women on their body type or style isn’t the way to go! We have a lot of other battles we have to deal with and having people who tell us our faults, shouldn’t be on our radar. No one cares about your opinion unless you’re a doctor and more often than not, they’ll get a second.

2. Who cares what they are wearing?

Who gives a damn if someone is wearing leggings as pants and a crop-top? Does this affect your life in any way? I know I have been trapped in that monster before. A new girl comes into your group and you size her up immediately, probably worse than the modeling agent from Vogue. In 5 seconds you realize if you like her or not based on the clothing on her body. No one tells guys what to wear; you don’t hear them whispering about each other and how the baseball tee does nothing for their figure! Let people be, let them wear what makes them happy. I’m sure you don’t always look like you stepped off the runway, so be nice!

3. What the wedding is like?

OH the wedding topic. First of all this is such a social pressure that makes everyone act all funny. From brides to friends to family. These poor women (keep in mind all I am not married or engaged so I can only imagine the stress) have to plan this entire event and make sure everyone is happy. Because you know, that someone will bitch about something. Your third cousin won’t like where she is sitting, your co-worker won’t like the food that was chosen and your great uncle won’t like that he did not get a wedding favor. You are constantly being judged, all you brides out there, just so you know. Everyone questions every detail you chose. Again this does not affect your life so leave it alone. No one wants your opinion but they do fight off every demon to offer it. So this leads to the next topic…

4. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

There is always that girl who looks flawless. She makes you feel uncomfortable either that you’re outfit is too short or that you’re wildly under-dressed. She has effortlessness about her, she’s kind yet witty and people just flock to her. So what do we do as the female gender? We judge. We TRY to find a flaw in her, we try to hate her! What the hell is the matter with us? It would be so much more beneficial to have this person in your corner, so instead let’s try to befriend her! Then we have the opposite side of things, someone we hate. It is easy to make fun of them and judge them. No matter what they do it is never right. Why do we do this to each other? Why can’t we either let it go and not talk about someone OR just find the good in every situation? Easier said than done, I guess…

Whoever we are, whatever we look like, and whatever we wear, do it with confidence and kindness in your heart. People will talk and say mean things but just go forward with you head held high. Keep it above all of the nonsense and grief. Never let anyone tear you down because there is so much more to life. Don’t let people who don’t matter get you down.

Lastly take this little piece of advice with you everywhere you go.

Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, really to sleep. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell. And when you get angry, get good and angry.
Try to be alive.”

Live a full life, one you will be excited to tell your children about! Remember I am always available by email at

Until next time,

One thought on “Some things women need to let up on…

  1. This was a wonderful post and I really loved it! Women are so catty towards each other when what we should really be doing is lifting each other up. We are, of course, all guilty of judging each other and this post reminded me that I should be better than that! I sent you a DM on IG. Let me know after you read it if you are interested in what I sent you! Have a great evening and again, wonderful post!

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