25 Things I Would Tell My High School Self

1. High School is not as big a deal as you think, it all gets better from here

2. Not everyone’s opinion will matter

3. Take more time for yourself

4. Try to self-reflect

5. Don’t let not starting varsity ruin your love of the game

6. It’s ok that you’re dramatic, your 16, but don’t fight over stupid things

7. Girls will be mean to you and say things to purposely hurt your feelings, you don’t need to be their friend

8. Learn that second language

9. Your ranking or GPA does not determine the kind of person you are.

10. Be confident in who you are even if you have bad skin and can’t figure out how to wear eyeliner

11. Actually, don’t wear make-up. You do not need it, you will have to wear it for the rest of your life. Give your skin a rest.

12. Don’t compare yourself to anyone

13. Your parents aren’t horrible, they really do love you and want only what is best for you

14. Try different styles. Just because the “popular girls” aren’t wearing it doesn’t mean you can’t do your own thing

15. NEVER EVER EVER fight over a boy, he isn’t worth it

16. If someone tells your a secret, always keep it. This should be a trait you learn young and carry with you

17. Remember the golden rule, you don’t like it when someone is mean to you so just always have the other person’s feelings in mind

18. Read the book because when Les Miserables come out in theaters, you can have an educated conversation about it 8 years later

19. Please do not get upset because you aren’t in someones “Top 8” or AOL Profile

20. From Alabama to Albany your best friends will still be there and they won’t forget you

21. You are good enough

22. Hang out with your family, stay in on a Friday night for a game night, you won’t regret it

23. Enjoy a life without any true responsibilities and don’t complain about your “stress level”

24. Not everyone will like you but there is something admirable in being kind to everyone

25. You’ll survive it all, I promise you that

Lastly you should have pictures like this:

We were sitting in a gazebo in Sam’s Club….

Prom 2007


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