10 PG Things Men Should Do More Of


“A true gentleman is one that apologizes anyways
even though he has not offended a lady intentionally. He is in a class all of his own because he knows the value of a woman’s heart.”

Help you put on your jewelery

My oh my, this for some reason makes my heart flutter. Tilting your head and moving your hair to the side so he can put on that delicate necklace he got you, makes me blush. Or when you can stick out your wrist and have him clasp your bracelet, it just seems so romantic in true gentleman nature.

Hold your gaze a second too long

You’re out with a group of people, you get a little closer, you begin to talk more. You catch him staring at you and at first you look away but the next time you don’t want to break that eye contact. You like looking at him and you love that he is looking at you. People are talking all around but you two get lost just for a second or two in each others eyes. You then rejoin the rest of the world but just for that moment, so much was said without a word being spoken.

A kiss on the forehead or nose

It’s a comfort measure and there is really nothing sexual behind it. He does it when he brings you in close for a hug and he looks back to look into your eyes and just wants to show how much he loves you in that very moment. He leans in a kisses your forehead for awhile while he breathes in your scent and holds you tight. Or he kisses the tip of your nose and puts his forehead against yours and just looks into your eyes.


I find it very endearing and extremely sexy when a man goes out on the dance floor and can move. It shows that he is able to have fun AND that he has confidence! Seeing a guy and girl dance together, now when I say dance I don’t mean grinding or booty droppin’, I mean swing and ballroom dancing, is just beautiful. They are a couple who can move together. A man who can dance was not always seen as masculine, but people could not have been more wrong and it honestly it has so many amazing qualities.


Looking up and having him wink at you from across the room. This really one of my favorite things a man can do in a crowd to have you know he is thinking about you. He was waiting for the opportune time to get your attention and give you a quick wink. And not a creepy wink like “how you doin’?” more like a “Smile. I like when you smile”.


Not like that Ambercrombie and Fitch smell but a scent that says I did all I could to get you to notice how much time I look into getting ready. When she walks by you, you want to catch her attention. A woman appreciates a good cologne and appreciates more a man who can pick one out for himself. Remember fellas Axe is not an option. Invest in a name brand scent.

Brush her hand “accidentally”

Trying anyway to have that skin to skin contact in the beginning of the relationship is exciting and somewhat exhilarating. So when he walks by and brushes up against you and looks back in a coy manner, you know he was and will be thinking about you for the rest of the night. Those little touches mean so much even if you have been together for years because he is still trying to get close to you and just feel your skin against his.

Know how to cook

Any man who knows his way around the kitchen is extremely sexy. He also might have his signature dish he loves to whip up. My mother came from a generation where men had their duties, as did women, they were never crossed. So now men are cooking and cleaning  which is a total turn-on to women. They can help around the house and cook while you are at the gym so YOU can come home to a hot meal. They use this to show their love for you.

Genuinely laugh together

There is nothing better then a good belly laugh, the kind that has you in tears and has you forgetting the world around you. When you connect with someone who makes you feel that way, it allows so many barriers, that you didn’t even know were up, to come down. He has now seen you teary eyed and snort laughing and has never been so in love. Never let that light burn out. Always make each other laugh and smile.

When he helps you

Helps you carry something, helps you across a puddle or helps you with your life problems. Having him there makes everything better. Knowing that when you are sick he will be there to run your back and get your Ginger Ale and crackers. When you are in heels and can’t seem to walk properly on the icy sidewalks so he puts out his arm or give you his coat to put over your hair as you run in from the rain.



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