I have loved the statement necklace trend for quite some time! More and more stores are running with the idea of having big, gaudy jewelery in their lines. It just can add so much to an outfit, especially if you feel your outfit needs just a little something more! Another look that had peaked my interest is the layering of long necklaces. It give a delicate look to a basic outfit. It can be paired with a white tee and jeans or a maxi skirt and plain tank, to give your outfit some more details and depth.Below are my favorite stores and my hand-picked pieces that are available now! But first let’s get the basics down!

Ideas on how to wear these necklaces:

-Typically the website will have the models showing off their jewels so you can get an idea from there
– With the bigger necklaces, wear your hair up. This will give you clean lines and let that bauble take center stage
– Keep it minimal. You don’t want your necklace to get lost in the rest of your outfit
– Wear bold colors and get a little crazy! Isn’t that the point of costume jewelry?
– Try buttoning your blouse all the way to the top so your necklace can give that collar effect
– Use it to highlight your chest! If the necklace lays just above, NOT TOO LOW, it will draw the eye to your chest and collarbone in a non skanky way!
– When layering try to have one simple necklace in the equation, use that to highlight the bigger necklace. Or even try two simple necklaces together.
-When layering longer, thinner necklaces, try to keep them a few inches apart in length. If they are all the same you won’t be able to pick out the different pieces. So maybe wear a 36″, 32″ and a 30″
– Remember, work with your lines and tops. If you have a low round collar you can fill that with a giant necklace. If you have a higher, chunkier neckline, try to wear the longer  more delicate necklaces.


Luxurious Layers NecklaceGuest A-List NecklaceTwice Gold Tales Necklace

Glitz It Up NecklaceBlushing Blossoms NecklaceBerry Granita Necklace



Pink Pineapple Shop

Loop de LueBlue DragonflyCrystal Horseshoes necklaceMidnight MagicCobalt gem bibCrystal Floral Blooms











House of Harlow 1960 Olbers Paradox Kate Spade New York Bow NecklaceSabine Pear Cabochon Statement NecklaceSabine Scalloped Flower NecklaceTinley Road Flower Link NecklaceHive & Honey Gold Cord Necklace





Mixed gems necklaceWildflower necklaceBell tassel pendant necklace

Mint stone statement necklaceStacked stones necklacePearls and petals pendant necklace





Some other sites to check out!



stella & dot

Mindy Mae’s Market

Kate Spade

“Wear sequins in the sun, your heart on your sleeve, and remember everything looks better with a smile, Spanx, and a statement necklace!”


So until next…



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