Things We All Need to Remember This Weekend…

1. Never, ever, ever drink when sad

There is nothing worse then taking care of the friend all night who wanted to take her feelings out on a bottle of Tequila. I made a promise to myself when I was in college that I would NEVER drink when I was sad or upset. It only leads to bad things, mostly crying on a floor that you can contract Hep B from. So ladies AND gents, don’t go out and drink if he broke your heart. You’ll just end up drunk dialing him anyway which you don’t want to do… Plus we need to learn to face our emotions and learn to communicate. We had behind technology and alcohol to share our feelings. So instead get out the SATC series and let the girls night commence.

2. You are NOT a Millionaire

You are not Oprah so stop giving people free shit. My best friend in this entire world would love to buy everyone shots of Patrone on her credit card to end every night, girlfriend is BROKE. We were in college and our main source of income was from the slave labor we had to do during work study. My check on average was $50 and I would chose to buy shoes over groceries. There is nothing worse then seeing the timeline of last night through your bank statement. “Oh look this must have been the time where I bought the entire round in celebration of it being Friday….”. So take cash with you, only a set amount and give your card to someone trusted!

3. I may think I look like Gisele but I don’t, I just look like a drunker me..

Your hair is flawless, your makeup is perfection, you could not look any more fierce so you take a selfie! You throw a cute message in with it and send it off to your man. Until the next morning, that picture was not even a blip on your radar, until you see it with sober eyes. There is a whole montage of you and your girls looking (at the time) hot. Oh but honey you couldn’t be more wrong. The red lipstick you thought was a good idea is now smeared all over your face looking somewhat like The Joker. And your one eye is somewhat closed, I’m sure that was you smiling with your eyes, but that last shot outweighed your sex appeal. So remember, you are drunk and no filter will hide that…

4. What you do tonight will affect you in the morning

Never get so drunk you can’t walk or form sentences, it’s really not a cute look on you sweetie. This is a rule for all ages because I think we sometimes forget that this is NOT an acceptable way to act. There are so many times where we blame it on the alcohol. If you do that you probably aren’t mature enough to drink, or  be out in public with the rest of society. Whoever you text/ talk to/ Snapchat- will more then likely remember it… So even if you pull the whole “delete my night” those people still know the hot mess you become!

5. Your outfit

If you can’t walk in your shoes sober there is no way you are walking in them after your 3rd tequila shot. Dress for you, dress to get all dolled up, dress to feel pretty but make sure you feel comfortable! Now 5 inch heels aren’t on my list of comfort shoes but we all have those heels that are so much easier to walk in then others. So if you know you’re going out in the city, prepare for the night ahead! Don’t wear a dress you’ll have to pull down every 3 steps because after so many drinks you just won’t care and your tush will be out for the world to see and Instagram too. Make sure your clothes and shoes fit and feel good when you are sober. I don’t know how many times I have heard girls say “oh it’s ok once I start drinking I don’t care what I look like!” What?! You crazy girl! Keep it together! NEVER say that, you always want to look put together, not walking around looking like you got attached by a bobcat. And lastly never EVER take off your shoes. You don’t know what you’re walking on and that is the first sign on defeat. Once you get them off, they’ll never get back on.

“Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk.
That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”

-Ernest Hemingway



White Chucks

My Converse sneakers have always been on the top of my list! They are so easy to wear and add a little something different to any outfit. These are just a few of the ways I style my chucks. Enjoy!

Outfit 1

– Gap tee – Madewell and  Kohl’s Necklaces –
– Express Shorts –

IMG_6367-001 IMG_6379-001

Outfit 2

– Gap Chambray and Tee – J. Crew Leggings –

IMG_6399-001 IMG_6409-001

Outfit 3

– Target Dress – J. Crew and Micheal’s bracelets –

 IMG_6430-001 IMG_6452-001

Outfit 4

– Madewell Sweatshirt – J. Crew Factory Shorts –
-Anthropologie Necklace –

IMG_6458-001 IMG_6463-001

Outfit 5

First off, I am not really loving how this one is styled. I would have picked a totally different top but I am LOVING the all white look. I should have went with something baggier. Tank/ tee/ long-sleeve- doesn’t matter as long as it wasn’t super feminine and tight.

– The Limited jeans – J. Crew tank – Kohl’s pearls –

IMG_6397-001 IMG_6386-001

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So until next time my loves,


ALL Women are Real



adjective \ˈrē(-ə)l\

: actually existing or happening : not imaginary

: not fake, false, or artificial

and for all of you literal people out there here is the definition for fake and artificial

A tan can be fake so can your boobs, hair and nails but the heart and soul are real. They are genuine. They make a person who they are. Each person has their own vision of who they want to become. It takes a strong person to look past all of us who judge and mock.

We are all real, we are all women. So let’s start there. Whether you are petite, plus size or anywhere in between you are a living, breathing person. So many times little girls want to be this flawless character in a book or a movie. So many times little girls feel as though they need to look like a Disney Princess and are let down the first time a little boy calls her icky.

I don’t always love my body but I try not to knock myself down for my “flaws”. It took my a long time to realize that I have to love myself and ALL that it entails before I can open my heart up to someone else. I’m not trying to sound like a motivational speaker here but you really do have to love what your momma gave you.

If you’re ever feeling down just try to find a positive. Start small, pick out something you love about yourself and go from there. Look in the mirror and just say with a smile, “I really love my eyes” instead of saying “I look so fat today”. It is so easy to continue to downplay our negatives, instead of trying to make them an asset.

I have a petite frame, in all aspects of the word. I look at some women with envious eyes as that horrible green giant stares right back at me through theirs. The media has turned us into crazy people! We try to justify everything with an article from Buzzfeed or a quote some random person pasted on a picture of a sunset, in the words of Kevin Hart “do you boo boo” and don’t give a damn about what anyone has to say! Things are not going to change overnight but don’t ever compare yourself to anyone else. Don’t try to be your friends or a favorite model, be you and show the world all YOU have to offer.

AND THEN!, you have a quote like “Real men like curves, dogs like bones”. Ok I get where this is going with acceptance and loving your body but what does this say to a girl who is just naturally skinny? That the only man she can get is lesser than what a woman with a chest and booty can attract. Maybe we should realize that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and that we need to love ALL of those shapes and sizes. Remember that you need to own your body but it isn’t all you have. That heart and soul I mentioned before goes a long way. I wish I could have told my 13 year old self that. And remember don’t knock down one group to make another group feel better about themselves.

Chin up beautiful,



5 Songs That Make My Drunk Self Happy

1. Single Ladies

This is the time that all “unmarried” women ban together and dance out their frustrations out like Kevin Bacon in Footloose. You can also shun those who had their man “put a ring on it”. They cannot partake in this ritual dance because they just don’t understand! Girls wiggle their left hand and channel their inner Queen B. We all have our favorite parts of the dance, you only know that arm pushing down  move? GREAT! You know within those few notes that this is your time to shine, you may only know 10% of the dance but WHO CARES! Just keep it up and remember, getting out to dance to Beyonce is never a bad idea.

2. Baby Got Back

Every time this song comes on I pretend I am Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels. I start to shake my butt but I am sure it looks more like I’m convulsing. Then I give a big Fuck You to Becky and her judgmental friends. This song is so amazing because it unites us all. It is just such a fun song to dance around to with your girls! Girlfriend, wiggle that butt, and be proud of what you got!
36-24-36?, only if she’s 5’3″… Truer words have never been spoken..

3. Yeah (ya know… Peace up! A Town down!)

This is the time that every white girl tries her damnest to look “hood” or they are trying to get their grind on. You over there, yeah you, pushed up against the wall by dude in the beater, you do you boo boo. As soon as those drums beat, it is like we are possessed and then I rap Luda’s entire portion of the song…Be proud Mom! Pending the amount of Jolly Rancher shots in your system, will determine if you’re a lady in the street but a freak in the bed…

4. I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Whenever Whit comes on, I first and foremost pour some of my drink out on the floor for her. See here. Mostly I just piss the girl off who’s tacky heels I just poured my Vodka/Club out on but I do it out of respect bitch! Then I sing like I have never sung before, mostly because I am screaming, in public, while dancing like I am a member of Danity Kane. From there I reenact EVERY SINGLE LINE of that song, like some weird interpretive dance routine. But god, I love that song…

5. Cotton Eye Joe

So I was out with a good friend of mine this past weekend and we decided to go out dancing. Well at one point the Cotton Eye Joe came on and shit got weird…I will never forget when my father bought a new stereo. This was early 90’s and the damn thing probably cost him an arm and a leg. It is still to this day the biggest thing I have ever seen, each speaker was the size of my torso…. Well the first song we played on that puppy was the freakin Cotton Eye Joe… So then I get to middle school and we have Friday night dances and this is where I learned the infamous dance. I don’t care who you are or where you came from but once that song comes on you can’t help but dance…

Favorites Under Fifty: Palazzo Pants

Move over skinnies, wide legged trousers are back…

My latest obsession, the palazzo pant. They are elegant and feminine. Since they have a wide leg and light fabric, they’re perfect for keeping you cool on hot summer days. They are easy for on the go, give you that maxi skirt feel while giving the practicality of pants! These pants provide balance and flatter wider thighs and hips.

An ideal pair of Palazzos should skim the floor with heels on. Try a fitted or cropped top and if you’re feeling sassy, tuck ANY shirt in to synch your waist. These pants give the illusion of a taller you (who doesn’t love that). Your tops can be colorful to balance the look. Wear wedged heels to add height. Accessorize with contrasting jewelry for jazzing up the outfit. I have seen so many people wearing chunkier accessories to offset the tight basic top and flamboyant bottom.

So when I first saw these I was a huge fan because I was totally a gaucho girl! The fabrics that they are made of are colorful, light and bold. Now I do not own a pair but I have been searching. These are some of my favorite ways to wear palazzo pants as I plan on incorporating them into my wardrobe as soon. Remember these pants are inexpensive and come in many different colors and prints so happy shopping!







See anything you like?

AKIRA Mixed Print Hippie PantDAILYLOOK Framed Palazzo PantsRibbon Floral Print Palazo PantsBlack/Ivory Tribal Palazzo PantsAlternate imageAlfani Pleated Palazzo Pants
Staring At Stars Medallion Wide-Leg PantAngie Juniors' Printed Palazzo Pants

I have also been searching my local Marshall’s and TJ MAxx they had some really cute pairs sadly they weren’t in my size or else I would have snatched them up! But overall a lot of the girl’s seem to be tall and thin but I think we can chalk some of that up to the pant! Don’t be afraid to wear these if you feel like you don’t look like these girls! I was always avoiding the whole maxi skirt/dress trend because I was “too short” but one day I went out and bought one and haven’t looked back since!

So try something new even if it is this new crazy pant, it might surprise you.

Remember any questions or comments just email me at

Stay Beautiful,


15 Things About College you Need to Know Before Actually Going

“I’ve learned one thing, and that’s to quit worrying about stupid things. You have four years to be irresponsible here, relax. Work is for people with jobs. You’ll never remember class time, but you’ll remember the time you wasted hanging out with your friends. So stay out late. Go out with your friends on a Tuesday when you have a paper due on Wednesday. Spend money you don’t have. Drink ’til sunrise. The work never ends, but college does…”

-Tom Petty

1. Any guy who can only hang out after 1 am is not going to be your husband

2. Don’t succumb to peer pressure and stay true to yourself, if you don’t want to drink, don’t.

3. Keep up with church/ sports/ activities that you did when your where at home, don’t forget where you came from

4. Work out and eat healthy

5. Act like a LADY by keeping you morals and standards high

6. First Dates are different now, mom isn’t around to pry so have fun an enjoy it! but see #1 again.

7. Meet life long friends and remember use your gut instinct about people, not everyone will be your friend and your orientation roommate may not be your maid of honor but she might introduce you to the person who will be

8. Find out who you are- every moment in college will develop the person you will become, remember that whenever you act

9. Really learn from your professors and pick their brains, plus your classes will get better, I promise. You will eventually take fun classes so use this time learn something new, like photography or dance

10. Never, ever, ever make a life decision based on a boy, changing schools because he is…

11. Clean and make a habit of it

12. Study abroad if you have the opportunity to

13. If you play a sport, it will be hard your first year but stick it out. Just because everyone is going out while your going to bed doesn’t make your college experience any different. Being on a team was the best choice I ever made

14. Leaving your old life is hard but it does get easier. Your “old friends” might be there, and they might not that isn’t a bad thing you just grew apart and that is ok

15. Learn to live within your means

The quote above and the 15 facts given don’t really seem to mesh too well but people reading this after college can appreciate how well they really do come together. You want to be able to have all of this fun, live on your own terms and make memories but don’t lose yourself while doing it. College is a time for you to find people who will better you and help you learn and grow. They are the ones who will help you through some pretty shitty times and never bat an eye. College is meant to go out all night long and write your paper on the car ride home from AC! But you should grow from every experience, don’t let it turn you into someone you’re not.

Until next time,



Longwood Gardens

Hi all! I am sorry I have been MIA for the past few days but I am back! It was my 25th birthday so I had so much celebrating to do!! I was out with my friends on Saturday, went shopping and got my makeup done on Monday and Tuesday we went to a garden down near Philadelphia. I wanted to share with you some shots I took from Longwood Gardens. I hope to post about my trip coming up! I will be in North Carolina for work so I can’t wait to see the beauty that the city brings!

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”

IMG_5984 a IMG_5999-001 IMG_6103-001 IMG_6137-001 IMG_6209-001 IMG_5983-001 IMG_6147-001 IMG_5989-001 IMG_5997 a IMG_6053-001 IMG_6065-001 IMG_6173-001 IMG_6185-001 IMG_6224-001 IMG_6241-001


So until next time,

Remember to stop and really take in all the beauty that surrounds us everyday, it is too easy to pass it by.



Cutout Oxfords for Under $100


The cutout oxford is one of my favorite trends right now! Typically an oxford fits more within a fall or winter wardrobe but when you have perforated leather you get the newest shoe trend for spring! They look amazing with dresses or even jean shorts and a tank. Everyone is jumping on this trend wagon so I attached some of my favorites for you to chose from!

FOREVER 21 Cutting Edge OxfordsRestricted Biannca OxfordSteve Madden Cori Cut Out Oxford FlatsSTEVEN BY STEVE MADDEN Lace Up Cap Toe Oxford Flats - Allovr CutoutCrystal Clear Oxfords By BC FootwearNAYA Thalia OxfordsSeychelles 'Scamp' Cutout OxfordWomen's Sam & Libby Justine Perforated Oxfords - Assorted ColorsTan Metallic Glitter Perforated Cut Out Lace Up Oxford Womens


Ways to style:


So remember email me at any time at with any questions!

So until next time pretties,


Work Wear

Happy Friday! Yet another week! I can’t believe how quickly May is FLYING by. My birthday is on Tuesday so this weekend I am celebrating with friends! I hope to keep you updated on my birthday outfits! By the way, do you love the blonde?? I do 🙂 Well enjoy and remember any questions email me at!


– Francesca’s Collection Necklace – Loft top –
– Banana Republic Skirt – BCBG Flats –

 IMG_5919 a IMG_5942 a


– J. Crew Factory Dress – J. Crew Necklace –
– Target Flats –

IMG_5904 a IMG_5896 a


– Banana Republic Dress – Steve Madden Heels –
-Scarf  was a Gift from Africa – Ray Ban Glasses –

IMG_5874 a IMG_5885 a


– J. Crew Factory Shirt – NY&Co Pants –
-Bon Ton Heels – Kohl’s Pearls –

IMG_5943 a IMG_5966 a


– Gap Dress – Charming Charlie’s Necklace –
– Target Belt – JCPenney Flats –

IMG_5852 aIMG_5866 a


Until next time loveys,


Things I Can’t Keep in My House

1. Wine

I don’t even know where to begin. One minute I’m getting ready to go to my kickboxing class, the next I’m half a bottle deep, polishing off a bag of Doritos and commenting on every Facebook picture pre 2009. I’m what people call a “light weight”, so after two glasses I am trying to make my boyfriend dance around the house with me as Paul Simon plays in the background. Typically people will enjoy wine over a nice dinner, romantic date or just a girls night out having great conversations. I enjoy my wine while playing Mario Kart and texting friends how much I miss them!

The type of wine I drink doesn’t really make the situation better because I am a huge fan of picking out wines based on the label or their name. Which really has proven not to be a good way to chose your wine or an “adult” way to pick it.

2. Netflix

Netflix is not for the weak. I have had a lot of sleepless nights due to this website. I watched the entire first season of Orange is the New Black in one weekend and would have to occasionally walk outside to make sure I wasn’t actually the one in jail. I also find the most peculiar documentaries about topics that are less than appropriate to discuss over dinner. So before I know it I’m 6 prison documentaries deep and there is a government watch van outside my house.

I will find a season, become addicted to it and then use all of my free time to watch my shows. I just love all that it has to offer (God my poor boyfriend…). And I swear that they added the “Are you still watching screen” so make sure I’m not dead. Plus, every time I go to shut my computer, the countdown begins and I just tell myself what’s one more, until it’s 5 am and  I haven’t moved in hours. I also get really concerned when I read titles of movies/shows that Netflix recommended for me to watch, but then I look back at the shows that I actually DID watch, and that concerns me even more…

3. Junk Food- mostly chocolate, and cupcakes.. sometimes ice cream too…

Ask any one of my coworkers, I would rather eat 12 cupcakes then (as my mother calls it) “real food”. I’m kinda like elf, my body survives off of jelly beans and Godiva chocolate. The only items I have in my fridge and pantry that would fit under the breakfast/lunch/dinner are Hot Pockets, eggs and 10 for $10 pasta. EVERY other item is junk food, I really need to work on that because I already know my metabolism won’t always be this way.

Another reason is that it isn’t healthy. Since I was a college athlete, I was told what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. I ate healthy but always had a nasty sweet tooth. I graduated from school and didn’t work out plus I ate like a 5 year old. I then realized this couldn’t last so I started looking for other areas to feed my athletic side, I found boxing but I am still working on the healthy eating. Maybe one day…

4. iHome

I love my iHome. I actually got it from my cousin when her and her husband both upgraded to the 5! Score! I love to listen to it on the porch, while I’m in the shower or even doing work around the house. And of course I need to have the volume loud enough so I can hear it over the running water or to drown out my own voice. I was always the kid who would sing at the top of my lungs with my headphones in and think nothing of it. And let’s just say my voice is less than angelic.

So from Cher’s greatest hits to the N’Sync Christmas album, my taste is what you would call eclectic. To really get my point across I’ll share the playlist I have for the shower…

Country Roads – Hermes House Band
Single Ladies – Beyonce
That Summer- Garth Brooks
Your Song- Moulin Rouge soundtrack
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves- Cher
Up All Night- Drake
Sympathy- Goo Goo Dolls
Hey Girl- OAR
What’s Your Fantasy- Ludacris
Keeping the Faith- Billy Joel
Hey Brother- Avicii
Danny Boy- Unknown (I’ve had this “remix” for years)

So when all of these songs blast as loud as that poor machine will let me play them, I sing along, and dance and jump and make everyone in a mile radius wish they were deaf. But whenever I get the chance to pour a glass of wine and listen to a playlist that makes me happy, I do it and in the words of the famous Lee Ann Womack I hope you dance…

5. Video Games

Well this is not something too many people… knew… about me but I love video games. I am quite awful at them though. I can’t be bothered with these new systems, for example, I can’t play Halo because I can’t walk and look at the same time (like most blondes).  But I am a huge fan of my Nintendo 64 and Sega. I get lost in them for hours. I once left the bar early because I was in the middle of a game when I had to go meet my friends. I paused them game ran out for a few hours and dashed back home to pick up where I left off.

Well that is a painful sentence to write and I am sure made your soul cringed as well! But I love them. I had a Gameboy mini in high school that was taken off of me at least once a week. So I would walk down and retrieve my belongings with the rest of the girls who had normal things taken off of them, like their cell phones. I love Mortal Kombat but only can use Kitana, I have never beaten any video game and I’ll google for help, so no, I’m not a “gamer” but I do love when someone knows how awesome the gold version of Zelda is.

Stay beautiful.