Talk Derby To Me

I love the history and fashion that comes with the derby! There are so many traditions that I wanted to educate myself on and sum up for all of you! The Kentucky Derby is a chance for every woman to have her inner Southern Belle shine through! So, don’t hold back when planning your Derby outfit. The fashion of the derby was obviously started by women but men have taken a liking to dressing to the nines on this particular day! Most people aren’t sure whether you find the dress first or work on the hat! So there is no right answer but here are some tips for race day:

– If your hat has a personality all to itself, keep the dress simple
– If the hat has an elegant flare, so should the dress
– Your hat should be the accent piece, the dress can be funky too but keep it in the same color/pattern family as the hat
– Have the hat express who YOU are
-Keep your accessories neutral. Pearls or delicate bracelets pair well with an oversized hat
-Today is super traditional so stick to clean makeup and hair.

Lastly check out some of the fashion history here and lastly enjoy the day with sun, friends and of course a mint julep!

-Option 1-

Derby Sash Pique Dress


-Option 2-
Colorful Lace

Lemonade in the Shade Dress in Fresh-SqueezedDay to Daylight Hat


-Option 3-
Floral Maxi

Pink sleeveless floral print maxi dress15083110_201401291156


-Option 4-
Bold colors and flirty pattern


Shianne V-Neck DressJ.Crew Summer straw hat


-Option 5-

J.Crew Kami dress in seersucker32702_2

 And for our men out there:


Oh and we can’t forget!….

Mint Julep (maybe well finally start making these for Derby Day... and hats, need to start wearing hats!)





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