Things I Can’t Keep in My House

1. Wine

I don’t even know where to begin. One minute I’m getting ready to go to my kickboxing class, the next I’m half a bottle deep, polishing off a bag of Doritos and commenting on every Facebook picture pre 2009. I’m what people call a “light weight”, so after two glasses I am trying to make my boyfriend dance around the house with me as Paul Simon plays in the background. Typically people will enjoy wine over a nice dinner, romantic date or just a girls night out having great conversations. I enjoy my wine while playing Mario Kart and texting friends how much I miss them!

The type of wine I drink doesn’t really make the situation better because I am a huge fan of picking out wines based on the label or their name. Which really has proven not to be a good way to chose your wine or an “adult” way to pick it.

2. Netflix

Netflix is not for the weak. I have had a lot of sleepless nights due to this website. I watched the entire first season of Orange is the New Black in one weekend and would have to occasionally walk outside to make sure I wasn’t actually the one in jail. I also find the most peculiar documentaries about topics that are less than appropriate to discuss over dinner. So before I know it I’m 6 prison documentaries deep and there is a government watch van outside my house.

I will find a season, become addicted to it and then use all of my free time to watch my shows. I just love all that it has to offer (God my poor boyfriend…). And I swear that they added the “Are you still watching screen” so make sure I’m not dead. Plus, every time I go to shut my computer, the countdown begins and I just tell myself what’s one more, until it’s 5 am and  I haven’t moved in hours. I also get really concerned when I read titles of movies/shows that Netflix recommended for me to watch, but then I look back at the shows that I actually DID watch, and that concerns me even more…

3. Junk Food- mostly chocolate, and cupcakes.. sometimes ice cream too…

Ask any one of my coworkers, I would rather eat 12 cupcakes then (as my mother calls it) “real food”. I’m kinda like elf, my body survives off of jelly beans and Godiva chocolate. The only items I have in my fridge and pantry that would fit under the breakfast/lunch/dinner are Hot Pockets, eggs and 10 for $10 pasta. EVERY other item is junk food, I really need to work on that because I already know my metabolism won’t always be this way.

Another reason is that it isn’t healthy. Since I was a college athlete, I was told what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. I ate healthy but always had a nasty sweet tooth. I graduated from school and didn’t work out plus I ate like a 5 year old. I then realized this couldn’t last so I started looking for other areas to feed my athletic side, I found boxing but I am still working on the healthy eating. Maybe one day…

4. iHome

I love my iHome. I actually got it from my cousin when her and her husband both upgraded to the 5! Score! I love to listen to it on the porch, while I’m in the shower or even doing work around the house. And of course I need to have the volume loud enough so I can hear it over the running water or to drown out my own voice. I was always the kid who would sing at the top of my lungs with my headphones in and think nothing of it. And let’s just say my voice is less than angelic.

So from Cher’s greatest hits to the N’Sync Christmas album, my taste is what you would call eclectic. To really get my point across I’ll share the playlist I have for the shower…

Country Roads – Hermes House Band
Single Ladies – Beyonce
That Summer- Garth Brooks
Your Song- Moulin Rouge soundtrack
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves- Cher
Up All Night- Drake
Sympathy- Goo Goo Dolls
Hey Girl- OAR
What’s Your Fantasy- Ludacris
Keeping the Faith- Billy Joel
Hey Brother- Avicii
Danny Boy- Unknown (I’ve had this “remix” for years)

So when all of these songs blast as loud as that poor machine will let me play them, I sing along, and dance and jump and make everyone in a mile radius wish they were deaf. But whenever I get the chance to pour a glass of wine and listen to a playlist that makes me happy, I do it and in the words of the famous Lee Ann Womack I hope you dance…

5. Video Games

Well this is not something too many people… knew… about me but I love video games. I am quite awful at them though. I can’t be bothered with these new systems, for example, I can’t play Halo because I can’t walk and look at the same time (like most blondes).  But I am a huge fan of my Nintendo 64 and Sega. I get lost in them for hours. I once left the bar early because I was in the middle of a game when I had to go meet my friends. I paused them game ran out for a few hours and dashed back home to pick up where I left off.

Well that is a painful sentence to write and I am sure made your soul cringed as well! But I love them. I had a Gameboy mini in high school that was taken off of me at least once a week. So I would walk down and retrieve my belongings with the rest of the girls who had normal things taken off of them, like their cell phones. I love Mortal Kombat but only can use Kitana, I have never beaten any video game and I’ll google for help, so no, I’m not a “gamer” but I do love when someone knows how awesome the gold version of Zelda is.

Stay beautiful.



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