ALL Women are Real



adjective \ˈrē(-ə)l\

: actually existing or happening : not imaginary

: not fake, false, or artificial

and for all of you literal people out there here is the definition for fake and artificial

A tan can be fake so can your boobs, hair and nails but the heart and soul are real. They are genuine. They make a person who they are. Each person has their own vision of who they want to become. It takes a strong person to look past all of us who judge and mock.

We are all real, we are all women. So let’s start there. Whether you are petite, plus size or anywhere in between you are a living, breathing person. So many times little girls want to be this flawless character in a book or a movie. So many times little girls feel as though they need to look like a Disney Princess and are let down the first time a little boy calls her icky.

I don’t always love my body but I try not to knock myself down for my “flaws”. It took my a long time to realize that I have to love myself and ALL that it entails before I can open my heart up to someone else. I’m not trying to sound like a motivational speaker here but you really do have to love what your momma gave you.

If you’re ever feeling down just try to find a positive. Start small, pick out something you love about yourself and go from there. Look in the mirror and just say with a smile, “I really love my eyes” instead of saying “I look so fat today”. It is so easy to continue to downplay our negatives, instead of trying to make them an asset.

I have a petite frame, in all aspects of the word. I look at some women with envious eyes as that horrible green giant stares right back at me through theirs. The media has turned us into crazy people! We try to justify everything with an article from Buzzfeed or a quote some random person pasted on a picture of a sunset, in the words of Kevin Hart “do you boo boo” and don’t give a damn about what anyone has to say! Things are not going to change overnight but don’t ever compare yourself to anyone else. Don’t try to be your friends or a favorite model, be you and show the world all YOU have to offer.

AND THEN!, you have a quote like “Real men like curves, dogs like bones”. Ok I get where this is going with acceptance and loving your body but what does this say to a girl who is just naturally skinny? That the only man she can get is lesser than what a woman with a chest and booty can attract. Maybe we should realize that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and that we need to love ALL of those shapes and sizes. Remember that you need to own your body but it isn’t all you have. That heart and soul I mentioned before goes a long way. I wish I could have told my 13 year old self that. And remember don’t knock down one group to make another group feel better about themselves.

Chin up beautiful,




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