Sex and the City’s Life Lessons

Crushed dreams: The much-loved characters played by (l-r) Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon are completely different in the films


Always carry a tampon.. You never know when a girl will be in need! And hopefully that desperate girl is the hostess of the hottest nightclub.

If you fart in front of him, don’t worry. It DID NOT ruin your relationship.

You always will have that friend who can see what you can’t and can tell you when you’re being ridiculous especially when it comes to your choices in men

There are good men out there and they might not always be the one you end up with. Even if they do look smokin’ hot when reintroduced to your life (or season).. Sorry Aiden…

Some guys are assholes and will breakup with you via a post-it note. In real life this will not get you out of being arrested for smoking a blunt on a corner but it is grounds for a wild girl night.

People change. That’s a fact but if a friend is a true friend she will replace your stolen Manolo’s, especially when it was her fault they were stolen anyway!

If your best friend hurts her back, after running a marathon I might add, and you never send over your man!!! that is a cardinal friendship sin!

Bad things are going to happen to the people you love, all you have to do is make sure that they know you love them and will always be there for them.


Always have a dress that men and women swoon over because honestly who doesn’t love Carrie’s “Naked Dress”


Sometimes you just need to let your hair down and live a little. Even if that means having a strange artist paint your vagina while his wife offers you lemonade and cookies.

If he doesn’t want you to leave things at his place don’t force it on him because he will give them back to you

It’s ok to be selfish and own it. YOu don’t want kids, that’s fine! You don’t want to wear a wedding ring?! Who cares? As long as you are happy with the life you live, don’t ever let anyone question your motives


Ovens don’t need to be used to cook they can totally just be some extra closet space. I’m pretty good at making reservations so our oven might as well hold some cashmere.

Don’t categorize your friends! Yes we all have our “favorite” character and we always try to do things that fit their personality! But if I were to pick I’m totally a combo of Charlotte and Samantha…

You are going to meet interesting people, especially being single in a large city and you will find men who have a foot fetish, like to be peed on or have sex in public places.


If your eastern European maid puts a statue of Mary in your dresser… she is trying to tell you to make some life changes, you might want to listen to her

If  his mother helps bathe him and if her name is Bunny… run… but mostly the bathing thing…

Zsa Zsa Zsu

When you fall you’ll be the only person to pick yourself back up, even if it is on a runway during Fashion Week


Men really don’t care about fashion and hairstyles

I love to shop but I like my money in my savings and 401k for the most part, not my closet


And lastly…..

My best friends make my life so much more meaningful… and interesting! 🙂




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