Things EVERY Woman Needs

  1. A friend who knows when to tell you to stop being crazy and not yourself

  2. A friend who can get you crazy and wild.. Hopefully 1 and 2 are the same person

  3. A good bra

  4. A feel good outfit for a night out when you’re in one of those moods

  5. A go to hairstyle that isn’t a messy bun on the top of your head and doesn’t scream I just woke up 10 minutes ago and I still might be drunk

  6. Playlists for all occasions

  7. A favorite movie or book that never gets old

  8. An activity you enjoy doing that is just for you.. Mine is photography for all 2 of you who cared to know

  9. A bold lip color you can wear out if feeling sassy or just a good lip color to wear for every occasion

  10. A makeup routine for when you don’t have time to paint your face on

  11. Knowledge of your body type and what colors and styles look good on you

  12. Knowing the inner workings of your favorite stores For example never buy anything full price at J. Crew Factory and Zara has the best deals in January and July!

  13. A pair of sassy shoes like Sam Edelman’s spiked heels

  14. Two  REAL leather items: a purse and a jacket

  15. A stocked fridge- even if it is just water

  16. An easy recipe you can use in a pinch- like when your boyfriend forgets to tell you at 4:30 that you have a party to go to at 6:00 that night

  17. Knowledge of what is in your closet so you don’t buy yet another v-neck tee

  18. The ability to carry on a conversation that doesn’t have to do with gossiping or TV shows

  19. Friends that are separate from your other half

  20. Her own style and personality. Be you don’t get lost trying to be everyone else.


So until next time my loves,



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