Two Classy Girls Mixing Up A Classic Style

So today I am partnering up with Crystal from to bring you different ways to dress up and dress down the classic button down AND J. Crew’s new favorite the popover. So not only is Miss Crystal SO fashionable but she is such a sweetheart! One of my first supporters when I came into the blogging world. A little about Crystal,she takes today’s fashion and adds such a feminine touch with her bright colors and perfectly accessorized outfits (which we all know is an art form). She has such a laid back style but always looks so put together. She is such a fashion forward mama! She is extremely supportive too I don’t know how she does it, always sending IG love to all of her followers! She juggles it all, in her wellies! So head on over and see all the ideas that she has to offer to your style.

This week we decided to show you how we both dress up and dress down the button down and popover! They can be worn so many different ways. Worn by everyone from the business woman to punk rockers, how you wear your button down will definitely show your own personal style. I love dressing them up for work or throwing a popover on over a bikini top. So just a quick lesson on the difference of these two shirts. The button down buttons all the way down (duh Ellen!) allowing you to put the shirt on like you would a jacket. While the popover you literally have to “pop over” your head. The buttons only go half way down the shirt. The possibilities to work with a button down are endless. Wear it with a pencil skirt, or jean shorts. Try it with a maxi skirt and knot the bottom! Even just unbutton your shirt the whole way and use it as a light jacket, showing off your favorite vintage tee.

Here are some ways bloggers and J. Crew styled both the button down and popover! I attached the links for you to style it your own way.


Dressed Up

As you all know I need to get dressed up for work so I love mixing and matching. Taking this easy going button down and pairing it with a pencil skirt has my style written all over this outfit. I wanted to use the necklace as a collar so I buttoned the shirt up high and wore the necklace right around my neck. I chose these heels to give a lighter look to the outfit. It is really heavy up top so I thought these strappy heels would break the outfit up a bit.

– J. Crew Factory button down – J. Crew necklace and belt – DSW shoes –
– Banana Republic skirt –

IMG_6590-001 IMG_6621-001 IMG_6550-001 IMG_6523-001

Dressed Down

I wanted to try something different. I usually will pair this shirt with a neutral pair of shorts (light grey, white or jean) but I figured let’s mix it up a bit! So I mixed the raspberry, teal and yellow together and used neutral accessories so I didn’t look completely crazy! But overall, I love how it turned out. The shirt is light, it is meant to be worn in the summer and I love all the bright colors!

– J. Crew Factory button down, chino shorts in raspberry, anchor belt (kid’s section) –
– J. Crew bubble necklace – Loft sandals –

IMG_6493-001 IMG_6625-001 IMG_6641-001

How Crystal styled her Popover is similiar to mine on both ends! We both went with bright colors with incorporated neutrals and for the dressing up side of things we went more of a black to grey color palette!

Dress Down

Displaying DSC_0018.JPGDisplaying DSC_0027.JPG


Dressed Up

Displaying DSC_0033.JPGDisplaying DSC_0042.JPG

What do you guys think of the button down? So, show some love and comment below with any questions or thoughts and don’t forget to check out the Fabulous Crystal on her blog and Instagtam account!

Stay beautiful and remember keep mixing and matching!



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