Things You Live For When You Have a 9-5 Job

  1. Your work person. That one person who you can talk with all day and bitch to when need be

  2. Wine dates with someone who is worldly and experienced (at least in your eyes) and once you have a few drinks in you, no conversation is left unturned

  3. The rush you feel when it is payday and you actually have money. You can get gas and not worry if you go over $5 or that your bank account isn’t in the negative!

  4. The coffee runner who asks the entire office what they want- they should be nominated for sainthood

  5. Setting up your out of office and feeling freedom. Thank God almighty we are free at last, well, until you find you’re checking your email before getting on Space Mountain

  6. Work events that involve free food and if you’re lucky, free alcohol

  7. Obsessing over a TV show with your coworkers. Lisa is my Downton girl while Carisa and I are all about Orange is the New Black

  8. Having other friends who work a 9 to 5 and they understand why you can’t meet up until 7 and want to be in bed by 11

  9. Mornings where you have some time to catch up. You can enjoy your coffee and get to those emails you’ve been meaning to delete

  10. Finding comfortable dress clothes- you know that pull up “dress pants”

  11. Your business card when you get that big promotion- even though no one really uses them anymore it’s still like a badge of honor-

    Side story- My friends were still in college when I was already a proud member of the work force but I will never forget the weekend I went to see them and I got my first business card! It hung up on their fridge for the rest of the year! – This should be another article about how you know you’re the young one in the office….

  12. Fridays- because well, you made it through 32 hours, what’s another 8

  13. Those restaurants that are within walking distance away- especially that new soft serve place that just opened up 100 feet from my office

  14. The go-to person who has snacks or the person you can count on who will always order lunch with you

  15. When the office decides to order lunch from YOUR favorite place

  16. Getting out of work early for bad weather- it has to be apocalyptic- but still it happens…

  17. People you can count on to grab a drink after work. You usually can determine if an adult beverage is needed at around 10:30 am

work animated GIF


Happy Friday my loves! Enjoy the weekend!




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