18 Basic Bitch Tendencies We All Love to Do

Here is a short list I compiled about how there is a little basic bitch in all of us. Keep in mind, I have done ALL of these. I hope that doesn’t ruin this lovely relationship we got going on here.

Scented candles riddle my house. All different scents some which are titled “Serenity”

Our “Quote” board on Pinterest

Along with all the single ladies’ Wedding board

Being a vegetarian for all about 3 hours…

You know what Sex and the City you are – See here

Talking about nail polish like favorite places to get them done, favorite OPI color (Lincoln Park After Dark), polish that doesn’t chip (Essie)

Getting a piggy back or carrying your heels at the end of the night

Abbreviating words likes “totes” for totally

Getting into a drunk argument just to get into an argument and have no idea what you’re talking about

You said the phrase “I need a detox” but did nothing about it

Pumpkin Spice is a season

The accent nail, I know all of you out there have tried to make that ring finger stand out!

Leggings are the go to pant

Retaking a group picture 3 times because you or your pose isn’t how you want it

You’re loving on Victoria’s Secret underwear- especially PINK

Participating in the following hashtags: #tbt, #wcw and #fbf

Ladies we all have done it, when you force your boyfriend to take selfies with you, it makes him die inside

Drinking a $12 drink because Sex and the City said that’s what you do when you go out with the girls

Baking cupcakes- Now I don’t even cook and I love to whip up a batch on the weekend…




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