Things We Need To Stop Spending Money On

1. Morning coffee

There is no reason you can’t go to Sam’s or Cosco and buy the bulk size of your favorite K-Cup. I think I just bought a box of 80 for $45.  As opposed to over $150 (at least), if you were to buy 80 cups of coffee from a local coffee shop! Invest in a Keurig or a freakin’ coffee pot, a reusable coffe cup and some creamer and TAH DAH! you can start saving money!

2. Take out/ Going out to eat

Again this is the same basic math as #1. You are paying for convenience, the convenience of someone making your food, severing it to you and cleaning up after you. Instead take the $100 you would have spent a two dinners out and go buy some groceries. Plan your meals out for a few days so you have a plan. Don’t just buy random vegetables or meat and try to make something of it!

3. Buying clothes- just ‘cuse

This is such a waste and I commit this savings sin ALL THE TIME! I get the urge to spend money I don’t need to be spending and buy a shirt just because I wanted to buy something. You know what happens to that shirt? I don’t end up liking it and it sits in my closet, then when it’s time to change my clothes out for the season it goes to Good Will. That is a habit I am proud to say I broke because it’s so wasteful!

4. Manicures and Pedicures

Girlfriend, you don’t need your gel polish replaced every two weeks. You go to Sally Beauty Supply, buy some shades you like, get yourself a good top coat and do you own damn fingers and toes. For a gel mani and then a pedi you’re looking at easily $60. I know I don’t have that type of disposable income so I learned to paint my own nails. And no it isn’t going to look as pretty but practice makes perfect 🙂

5. Wasting food

This one is by far the worst, because we all know (because our mother’s always said it) that there are people out there who don’t have food on their table. I keep thinking about the produce that I just threw away when I cleaned out my fridge over the weekend. I felt sick to my stomach the money I wasted and that I was throwing away food that should have been eaten. So a suggestion I have for all of you newbies to this whole living like a grown-up thing is try to only by for a 2 to 3 days, use what you have then go shopping again. Don’t buy a bulk order and think you’ll eat it all. That way of shopping just leads to moldy cucumbers.

6. Unused gym memberships

Planet Fitness has one hell of a business strategy. Let’s make our membership $10 a month, no one is going to cancel if they don’t use it because it isn’t enough to really make a dent in your wallet. So I’ll tell you my situation. I signed up with Planet Fitness and hated it. I went on a search for a new gym where I found boxing and fell in love. Well I was still paying the $10/ month for PF because maybe one day I was going to run after work. HA! So instead of canceling right then and there, I wasted $100 by not canceling!

7. Gifts

Think twice before rushing out to buy Dad another tie this Christmas. There are so many times I buy someone something just because it was easy, so I end up paying more. I start to plan ahead for some holidays that require a gift. I start early on Christmas because it is too difficult to buy everyone everything in one shot. Mother’s day and Father’s day too. Since my parents are divorced I get to have two sets of parents! So I try to get a little every week until I have what I need for everyone! A girl that I work with just works with a local shelter and “adopts” a family. Her and her husband don’t get each other gifts, they just give to someone in need. I love that idea.

8. Buying things the night they come out

Yes I mean all of you tech junkies. There is no need to have the newest iPhone or iPad. It is extremely expensive and eventually you’ll be able to get it for $1 apparently. So just wait until the price comes down. I guess we all have a weakness because whenever Anthropologie or Madewell come out with a new line I have to buy something… So techies I feel your pain….



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