Only Childrenisms

You think “no that’s mine” too often

Your non only child friends totally know your “behaviors” and accept you for your child like tendencies

You spend WAY too much time in your own little world

Eventually you realize that you are the carbon copy of your parents

You pout….

Your parents humor your every action… Like coming to my dogs birthday parties all 3 of them (so far)

Your parent’s house is a shrine to you borderline looking like you died

You spent a lot of time with adults so sometimes kids don’t get you…

People always say:
Were you so spoiled?! I bet you were!
You don’t seem like an only child
Didn’t it suck being alone all the time?
You are SUCH an only child

Whenever you tell people you’re an only child, they start to judge, IMMEDIATELY! I see it all over your faces because some of you are either thinking “Oh that totally makes sense!” or “Man you don’t seem like an only child!” Both are condescending, its like a when a guy says they’re a nurse and you automatically call them a “male nurse”.

No matter how old you get, you’ll still always be an “only child.” It’d be cute if it wasn’t so patronizing like being called a Yankee in Alabama

Famous only children include (according to time) Franklin Roosevelt, Condoleezza Rice, Lance Armstrong, and Frank Sinatra and Jesus. Pretty awesome list and of course all of you reading this and nodding your head after every sentence.

Only children are extremely close to their best friends because they are their brothers and sisters. I am at times self-centered but would give the world to any on I consider a friend, because they are my everything.

However, at times I think only children prefer the company of adults, because well children are immature and CRAZY!

I will always be in my own head to some extent, I get lost in there far too often but I am confortable in there. I can do this all day and not worry about talking to the people around me.


Until next time my loves,



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