22 Little Things my Mother Taught Me


How to love unconditionally

She leads with empathy and grace. No matter how I acted or what hurtful things I said she always looks forward and never brings up anything of the past. No matter what, her heart just grows fuller of love. She has instilled in me how to show empathy and care for people. To love the people who mean the most to you will all you have. The amount of love she has inside of her still amazes me.

Write thank you notes

In a world run on technology a nice hand written notes says a lot about a person. Especially when it is personalized, what that person did to make your life better or help you grow as a person. I hated that my mom made me write everyone a note for EVERYTHING, but honestly how good does it feel to get something in the mail that is from someone else besides Visa or Salle Mae.

Only keep the people in your life who make it wonderful

Being a sensitive female, I had my fair share of bad friends. My mom always tried to tell me that I didn’t need that in my life, but at 13 you don’t really understand what the hell she’s talking about. But I now know that friendships are a two way street, and both people need to be putting in the effort to care about the other person. Your friends need to make you feel good about yourself.

Follow your instincts

Everything from the first answer you put down on a test to if you are happy in a relationship, my mom has always instilled in me that my first instinct is always right. From people to situations she has allowed me to develop and follow my own instinct which lead me to follow my heart and find out what I truly wanted.

Respect everyone, even if they don’t deserve it

Everyone deserves respect and kindness because you don’t know what someone else is going through. You never know why people are sad or annoyed, so maybe a smile will help them through or just some kind words. She never gets annoyed or raises her voice, I have never seen her speak down to anyone. Because my mother worked so hard to be where she is today, she treats everyone as her equal.

How to be polite

Remember always say “please” and “thank you” and after dinner ask to help clean up the dishes. There was no misbehaving or being rude because she will always find out, somehow some way, she always knew when I was acting out of line. I never wanted to disappoint her because she gave so much to give me everything and more I always wanted to show people how good of a job she (and my other 3 parents 🙂 ) did.

Never allow the people you love to go out looking like a fool

She never ever ever let me walk out of the house looking less than 100%. She always wanted me to look my best. So I have carried that on to my friends! I would never let one of my best friends out looking like a crazy person dressed them. She would encourage my to try new clothes and wear things that she knew would look great on me!

To know what a great childhood was

I had a childhood filled of happiness and amazing memories, laughter and love. I don’t remember the materials things I had, but I remember the love that she surrounded me and everyone who stepped into our lives with. Constantly playing and imagining! I was encouraged to be creative and use my imagination (plus I was an only child so I had to).

Showing how to support

She never missed a college game, she reads every one of my blog posts, she listens to everything I have to tell her about. She is always fully invested in the conversation, she is never texting while I’m talking, she is and always has been 100% there. She gives great advice because she actively listens to what I have to say. Support was always a plenty.

Live within your means

There is a time to splurge and a time to save, I grew up knowing the difference. We always lived within our means because we had to! I’m not in debit with credit card bills and I never buy things if I don’t have the money. My mother stressed that if you don’t have the money, don’t place yourself into unsinkable debt. She taught me how to get what I need and sometimes what I want while still having money for groceries.

Patience is a virtue my child

My mom and gram’s favorite saying. I am not a patient person and no one knows that better than my mother. From pitching a fit because something didn’t work properly to getting antsy because the wait was too long. She is always patient and calm, rarely would get annoyed or anxious, accept was I was truly upset. She taught me how to handle situations with grace and finesse.

How to respect my body

She never told me I needed to look a certain way or change anything about myself. She never asked why I had to have a second cupcake or if I went to the gym that day. She encouraged me to love my body and work with what I got. Whenever I would find something to hate about my body, she would only point out the positives.

How to fail with your head held high

I made mistakes she made me fix them and learn from them but I never felt alone. My mom stood behind me the entire time. She taught me that I wasn’t perfect and that life is tough but  also how to stand on my own two feet. I wasn’t ever the best at anything, we didn’t have a wall full of medals, but I felt special because she knew when I gave it my all and also told me when I didn’t.

How to welcome others into your home and heart

Our home has always had an open door policy. People just feel comfortable there. They know to walk right in and help themselves to a soda. On Christmas Eve we have my whole family over, and everyone knows you roll up their sleeves and dive on in. Whenever we have guests stay over she makes sure to make them feel as comfortable as she can. She always allowed friends to come over and wouldn’t hesitate to offer them to stay for dinner.

I live a fortunate life

It is easy to get caught up in your life. That is why it is so important to take a step outside and realize that there are so many things going on that you don’t see on a regular basis. I am lucky to live the life I live, but not everyone is so fortunate. My parents gave and taught me so much and they made sure that I knew how lucky I was! They showed me how to appreciate everything I have!

Give back

Volunteering can offer a new perspective on life. Seeing people who are worse off than you are, yet still hanging in there, can help you see your  life in a whole new light. She does all that she can with what she has. Help others and give back to those who need the help. Even helping someone who will never be able to return the favor has a huge sense of satisfaction.

Never settle

It sounds cliché but being with someone who makes you happy is all that matters. Looks, money, and most other things do not last forever and will fade with time. But if you are with someone who is happy and makes you happy, you’ve got everything you need. Life will be enjoyable and fun.

Keep to your word

If you make a promise stick to it! From promising a friend you’ll help them move to meeting up with someone for a drink, stick to it. You want your word to mean something to people, you should always be reliable! You should try to be a good person, who helps others and stays true to what you believe in! There is nothing worse then being known as a flake or unreliable! If you do something wrong, own up to it. In the end, stay true to your word it shows a lot about our character.

Learn to be an interested listener

Listen to what other people are saying, really listen, don’t do that thing where you think of what you are going to say next. Sine my mom listens and doesn’t just hear, she picks up on a lot of little things people say and what. She constantly is bringing people little things she thinks they will love because she KNOWS them. Let people talk and get their point across.

Live a little- Eat the cake

Eat what you want and enjoy it! She doesn’t mean eat unhealthy but if you really want a cupcake because it looks amazing then don’t stop yourself from having a taste or two. If you want seconds have more. Enjoy the flavors of life and don’t let the fear of calories hold you back, it’s not worth it to eat boring foods.

Sweets make everything better

Who doesn’t love the person who is associated with baked goods. My mom will bake for anyone. I know she thinks that something homemade will help any situation. She loves when people feel comfortable and that my family associates with food. She knows that warm chocolate chip cookies will make any situation better!

Cry when you’re sad

Show emotions, it only means your human. Don’t keep everything inside. You need to let it out and be open. You need to be there for someone too if they ever need a shoulder to cry on. Emotions let people learn more about who you are.

A mother is a person who, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.

So thank you for loving me and believing that I was destined for greatness. Because you believe in me, I believe in myself. Thank you for always having my best interest at heart and leading my down the right path, even if I didn’t know you were doing it! Your soul is nothing but happiness and love and I hope to be half the mother and wife that you are. With the patience of a saint you have been through so much and still seem to shine some good on the world every day.

Until next time,



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