Shouldn’t We Have Better Things to Worry About

“Mother Teresa didn’t walk around
complaining about her thighs-
she had shit to do!”

First and foremost: don’t have an opinion on my body. Second, I have heard so many people obsess over their bodies and while we do, there are people who are trying to better their own lives and those around them. Focus on what is important, life is too short to worry if you did not burn enough calories that day. I don’t want to sound like a motivational speaker or Pinterest quote but loving yourself makes a whole lotta difference.

Confidence is the single most endearing quality a person can hold. Confidence in themselves, confidence their bodies and personalities. It all stems from the people you surround yourself with. I choose to befriend those who believe in themselves. They take pride in their bodies, they don’t talk about why they are gaining weight, we try to talk about other things. The pressures of society consume us every day, it is nice to be around people who like you for you, not what you weight.

Life should be more then your gym schedule. Don’t let your weight, cup size or even your height define what makes you, you! Love your body, all of its bumps, lines and curves, they tell your story. Don’t grab your thigh and feel uncomfortable. Embrace who you are because everyone has parts of them they wish they could change, it’s just those who don’t call them flaws that are prettier.

There are some people in this world I could never consider a friend. It isn’t because they don’t look like Gisele Bundchen. It is because they are painfully ugly on the inside. They are mean, rude and inconsiderate. Again let me repeat myself, it isn’t because they aren’t a size 2, with a perfectly symmetrical face and hair that could be on a Pantene bottle, it all came down to that they couldn’t bring light and happiness into my life.

And shame on you if think you can comment on someone else! Be your own person, love yourself, don’t concern yourself with other peoples body parts. If someone is happy and healthy, then whoever is putting you down, isn’t. Please, don’t ever let anyone take that away. Never let people make you feel that you are inadequate.

Don’t have a shallow soul who ridicules others over unobtainable standards of beauty. Too skinny is the same as too fat, they both hurt. Instead, be strong, be confident, be happy. Don’t compare. We have different genes that will never make us the same, and thank god for that! I don’t want to be anyone but myself. I am Ellen, I am beautiful like me, not like you.

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So remember you are beautiful,



9 Ways the Internet Can Screw Us All



Switching your Username with you Password

My company does not want to see Shopping33! as my new username

Taking the filters off all your pictures on Instagram

The horror… Tumbr definitely wouldn’t be as much fun….

Putting your SnapChats into a public album on Facebook

So. Many. Selfies.

Having a daily “Top 8” of people you looked at the most that day on Facebook

Well that would just be embarrassing because you know those top 8 are totally people you never want knowing you’re creeping on them. Sorry girl in my 7th grade science class. I hope your family had a nice trip to Mexico…

OR having Facebook pull a LinkedIn where you get a notification every time someone views your profile

Again girl in my 7th grade science class, I’m sorry..

You were only allowed to have one email address forever BOOM!

Not able to hide your Facebook albums

Well you would deeply regret putting those Senior Week pictures up, you know the ones I’m talking about

Having your profile picture chosen randomly every day from all 2000 plus photos of you

You put it up there, get ready for someone to see it!

Having you boss get a monthly report of your GChat conversations

We don’t have that at work but if we did and this could happen, I would hope my desk supplies go to a good home

My runner up is:
Your parents/significant other could subscribe to your Google searches

You would TOTALLY think twice before googling


Scary huh? Well until next time dolls!


Things I Hate Seeing at the Bar

People taking selfies

I can’t even handle

I’ve done it….

Girls who can’t walk in their heels

Ladies I beg of you, stop. I see you stumble about every weekend. If they hurt when you are getting ready then you will want your feet amputated at 2 am

That single person dancing in a “you don’t dance here” bar

We have a lot of bars here that are restaurants during the day, you know places where families eat and make memories, no one needs to see you dancing like you’re in Coyote Ugly

Places drunk people think are their bed

      -the bar
      -the toilet
      -the sidewalk

“Surprise me!”

Oh, honey you don’t want to go there. Unless this person is your friend, these bartenders are busy, they don’t want to get creative 11pm on a Friday night

When someone snaps their fingers

What decade is it? Is the sever your ACTUAL servant? I didn’t think so, don’t do that again….

The people who SHOVE their way through to get a drink

Everyone else is acting in a civilized manner- do the same you animal

Pulling the label off of bottles

Yes yes yes everyone knows the “meaning” but honestly you just made a fucking mess, you aren’t a child, clean up

Eating the food on a bar- nuts, peanuts etc.

Stop doing that! Sober you knows all of the grossness that comes with bar nuts….

Bachelorette Parties

Why are you in Vegas?

Your weird drink order

A Malibu Bay Breeze in December? Bloody Mary at 11 pm? Wise up on your drink choices



Until next time lovers!



The Kindness of a Stranger

Kindness is a language that
the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

Mark Twain

Early in the summer, my boyfriend and I were caught in a really bad storm… on our bikes…. Needless to say it wasn’t the smartest idea but I was in a predicament and a half. I couldn’t ride anymore because the wind and rain were too strong. I hid under a tree for a bit because I needed to figure out a plan. Well as cars sped by to get home, many looked on with worrisome eyes but kept moving forward. Well I flagged a guy on to pass me and he pulled over and offered us a ride. He then said “well I couldn’t just leave you there, I just hope one day someone offers me the help I might need”. So being the social media junkie I am, I posted about our endeavors on Facebook. I wanted people to know that even in the worst of times there is still good in the world. So someone comments on there “Did he offer you candy too?” which for lack of a better phrase, pissed me off.

Now take 10 minutes to watch these two videos:


Do we live in such a state that when people do a genuinely good deed we have to question their motives? or mock them? Is it hard to be a good person or even just help strangers every now and then?  I want to think that we don’t but too often people make decisions on whether or not to be nice, on a case by case basis. Caring about others shouldn’t be a decision you make according to how easy or comfortable it is. When people do something out of the kindness of their heart they do it because they want to make someones day a little bit better. I want to witness happiness and believe in good. It should just happen, but sadly it takes an act of kindness from a total stranger to restore your faith in humanity.

I was visiting a good friend in Albany and we went out to get something to eat. It was HOT out I mean sticking to the seat, sweating just sitting there, hot. We turned the corner and noticed a homeless man under a tree. My friend (now this is a common trend for her) swung the car around and got out. She walked over to the man to make sure he was conscious. When she realized he was alright, she got back in the car like nothing happened. There was not status update, tweet or  an instagramed shot, she just did something out of the kindness of her heart and because she wanted to help someone.

Acts of kindness don’t go unnoticed, if you help someone the ripples can go on forever. I think we should all just try to be a little kinder to the people around us. Smile a bit more, be genuinely thankful when people go the extra mile. The guy at the grocery store didn’t have to hold the door for you and the bartender certainly did not need to tell you that you accidentally gave her an extra $20. We shouldn’t have to want to help others because the guy in front of you at Dunkin bought your order, you should try to do it every day and NOT share it on Facebook. Just because it isn’t shared on social media doesn’t mean it didn’t happen!

So we really do only have one life to live so let’s do our best to help the people around us. Tell a friend when you think they look nice or tell a coworker how great of a job you think they are doing. You don’t have to become the Compliment Fairy, just make it genuine.  Let people know that you are thinking about them and you are taking notice to the details that they bring to this world.

What do you guys think? Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts! ❤



Excuse Me, Do You Have the Time?

Fab Finds Under $50

I love love love watches! Ever since they took that masculine approach I haven’t been able to stop buying them. I was never really a big watch person before. Small, delicate faces really didn’t do much for me. In college I bought a men’s gold watch on Canal Street, it made me look like a Pimp but that was the look I was going for. Then they started popping up everywhere “the boyfriend style”. For some reason women love the idea of wearing their man’s clothing or accessories, (I do it all the time, sorry babe!).

So because I am still an ex-college student I want to give all of you Fabulousness at a reasonable price. The watches below are some of my favorites. I adore the map one from Urban Outfitters and the RumbaTime from Shopbop. So let me know what you think! Comment below or email me your favorite watch places, I’d love to see!

Myrtle Striped WatchKensington Gardens Floral WatchBKE Round Dial WatchRumbatime Orchard Mirror Watch - PeachASOS Vintage Style Boyfriend Strap WatchFaux-Suede Strap WatchOlivia Pratt Women's Anchor Emblem Leather Strap WatchGENEVA 3 Number Boyfriend WatchRodeo Drive Polka Dot WatchAlley Vault Watch

Watches are now adorning the wrists of people but they aren’t alone. I am sure a lot of you have heard the phrase “charmed arm”. It is the stacking of different styled bracelets and typically finished with a watch. Everything is different but there is usually a common factor whether it is a color or metal. So start off with a watch and just keep adding from there.

So comment below you all know I love hearing from you!!



I’m really, really loving “up” hair at the moment. It could possibly be because our weather has been so wacky and weird lately and the wind is always going 90 to nothing. It’s impossible to have perfectly tousled “down” hair when this weather goes from hot to cold to rainy to windy. I’ve been collecting photos from Pinterest lately with updos that I just adore.

My obsession started when I began searching around for a wedding that I am going to be in. The bride instructed us to “wear our hair up” so I began my search for the PERFECT do. I have naturally thin hair that easily holds a curl so there is a mix of what would work with my hair and some styles that I think are worthy of being on this list!

I’m picky about the front of an updo, too. It has to be undone and slightly wavy. I spent darn near 20 minutes getting the front pieces of my low bun perfectly “bent” last week. I’m still working on it…

So far here are some of my favs! The top two are my top choices for the wedding! Plus a lot of these can be altered for every day wear! So give it a try and send me a picture to!



bun cute updos for work





So what do you think? Up or down? Comment below! I’d love to hear!


Why I Love Working With All Women

I am a newbie to the professional workforce. There is a lot I have to learn, seen here. Each day is a new experience, good and bad. But I must say a lot of my growth comes from the people I work with day to day.

I work in an industry that is predominately women, most of them mothers and wives. Being the youngest in my office, I do a lot that I am sure aggravates them to high heavens but they continue on with patience to explain and educate. Working with all women… well we do have ONE male in the office, he keeps us grounded, they all have taught me so much! They don’t know they are even doing it because it comes naturally through their personalities. People teach you so much on a daily basis you just have to take the time to see it.

There are articles of people writing that they would rather work with men than women. Saying that they never experienced any good from working with females, how is that possible? Most women naturally emulate some type of kindness. So I am sorry to all of you who have not had a good experience but I have and here are the reasons why!


Maternal Instincts

They have this natural ability to comfort and listen. They offer sound advice, not just what you WANT to hear. They look out for each other.


Sound rational advice

They keep me grounded and centered. They allow me to vent over silly things but show me why I’m being crazy. When you work with people for 40 hours every week they pretty much know who you are!

Bad Attitude

You can have it all!

They’re mothers AND business women! As a young female just starting out in my career do you know how inspiring that is? It is amazing seeing that these women can do it all!


 They are human

They always tell stories that show you everyone’s life is just as crazy as yours! From husbands to children to house work they make you feel like you’re going to make it through!

 Household Chores

Being a new home owner I have so much to learn! It is nice to hear different tips and tricks from all these women! Best ways to clean the house, how to get stains out and so much more!

woman Winnage. you if you dont liek it, its funny.. shes not in the kitchen...

Money Conscious

There was a time when I wouldn’t dare to use a coupon! Now these ladies have me using my creativity to my advantage! Instead of buying a new dining room table I refurbished an old one my friend at work gave me FOR FREE!

Childish Tendencies

From crying over dumb things to fighting over dumber things, they try to understand me and not judge.


They know what works for their body and style and they are confident women. It is quite empowering seeing these women in action.



From hearing about my blog, to field hockey to my love life, the girls are always there to give advice and lend an ear.

Bad Mood

And even if I’m in a bad mood they make it known I need to snap out of it because well, no one wants to work with people in a bad mood, it’s just annoying…



So here’s to you ladies (and Chad) for teaching me, for showing me the ropes and guiding me through so much! I don’t think you will ever know how much you all have impacted my life! Thank you!



Everyone looks good in Valencia

There are so many reasons I hate social media and fashion together. I don’t want to see 40 pictures of the same outfit at different angles… I get it you put together a cute outfit you want everyone to see. When I post about clothes or fashion I try to offer a bit more but I still fall into that “typical girl” trap. We have all done it (just take a look around @theoxfordguide and you’ll see) I take some pretty awful pictures! I don’t have the time to have a photo shoot every day so I improvise, so quality is out the window! So I complied some of my favorite styles of pictures that at the time seem like they would be so cute but trust me they’re not!

The awkward Instagram shots

Holding the phone above your head

The completely headless shot


Your clothes strategically placed on the floor

What you think it looks like:

What it actually looks like:



Selfish Selfies: Young People Are Putting Lives At Risk By Taking Photos Of Themselves While Driving


The Beach Pictures

Terrible shot

Your knees that looks like hotdogs

The bikini bottom crotch shot

The obvious staged grouping of things


Your Starbucks Order

Next to some flowers


With your Macbook

In your hand

The stolen Tumblr quote-picture
(because every great quote had a random picture and filter)


Your Alcoholic Beverage

Your Nail Polish

So remember the golden rule, if you don’t have anything good to post, don’t post anything at all! There is no need to force a picture becuase you “have to post”! I would rather 1 picture a week of amazing quality than 40 pictures a day of nonsense

What do you guys think? Email me at!

So until next time my loves,


LBD: Fab Finds Under $50

The Little Black Dress is a girl’s go-to for ANY occasion. I am sure that it is anyone’s “go-to”. In the event that you have a date or you are invited to a party, and you don’t know what to wear, then I suggest you to choose a little black dress. If you don’t have, you must buy immediately.  From satin, chiffon, silk and jersey pick the material that fits your occasion.

The little black dress is often credited to the infamous Coco Chanel. The concept was radical at the time since black was considered a morbid color for fashion. Now, the piece has gone on to become a staple in almost every woman’s closet. From the classic sheath dress like the one worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast in Tiffany’s to a modern backless dress, the possibilities are endless!

Incorporating your own unique style into wearing the perfect black dress is the reason this is such a stand-by in the fashion world. Enjoying the fun of dressing for a special party or a big event can be a great time to explore trends. Mixing some of the latest styles in shoes or handbags with a classic little black dress is adventurous without being too edgy.


ModCloth LBD Short Spaghetti Straps A-line Everlasting Elegance DressOpen-Back Lace DressDriving Racerback Maxi DressCrossover Tank DressRosyth Lace DressWomen's 3/4-Sleeved Jersey DressesUntitledModCloth Sleeveless Tent Take the Dance Floor Dress

I adore the little black dress! Try laying long necklaces or throw on a statement necklace or two! Stack those bangles or do a double gold cuff! And shoes! The possibilities are endless! From scrappy sandals to sky high pumps heels are my go to! But don’t count out sandals (especially gladiators – high or low) and flats! Get crazy! Use your blank canvas to your advantage! It will only make the outfit “more you”!

So I want to hear from you and how you style you LBD! Remember email me at or find me on Instagram @theoxfordguide ❤️


I believe…

Love is true and pure and scary and exciting. I hope that everyone gets to experience it!

Sunday mornings, the rainy day kind when you lay about all day, with no plans or anything to do.

Friendships that have lasted through the ages

A good night with cheap wine and close friends will cure any heartache

Having a road to drive where you can sing as loud as your voice will let you to your favorite songs

Laughter and how it allows you to forget all of your worries

The love you feel when all of your family surrounds you

Life is a gift and you should never take advantage of the people who walk in your life every day

Learning from your elders. There is so much you can learn if we just listen

Second chances for everyone

Every life is equal and precious

There are low points and high points in life but there is always a light to be found

Mistakes will be made but I will try to learn from them

Your hard work and dedication will pay off

Work is not my world and it shouldn’t ever be. We need to stop and smell the roses a bit more

There are such things as good hair and makeup days and when you have them together… Watch out world!

Confidence (not to be confused with cockiness) makes people more attractive

Everyone is free to love whoever they want just because it isn’t the “norm” doesn’t mean anything

Always keep dreaming and never let anyone dull your imagination

There are good people and bad people in this world but everyone should be given a chance to prove themselves

Life goes on with you or without you

We are made up of bits and pieces of the people around us

Just remember to always stay true to what you believe in and never let anyone make you feel as though you’re wrong!

Tell me some things you believe in! Email me at or comment below!!