Moving in With Your Boyfriend: Expectations vs. Reality


Men and women aren’t the same. We find different things important but we learn to share in our partner’s views because we love them and would do anything to see them happy. It’s just not always a romantic comedy, even though I would like it to be. God I love him every day but we have our differences. I have learned that he doesn’t care what color the throw pillows are on the bed, he just wants to know what ones are for sleeping. Moving in with my boyfriend of 5 years is still one of the best decisions I have ever made. I laugh as I write this because there is just so much you learn about someone after you have lived with them. We all have expectations of how life SHOULD be and sometimes it reads just like a fairy tale, and others not so much….


Expectations: The two of you laugh and dance around the kitchen kissing while your homemade sauce simmers on the stove

Reality: The pizza place down the road knows your order only because you ran out of hot pockets


Expectations: The two of you will cuddle up every night and watch “your” shows together. You’ll share TV time and just be happy you get to unwind with your other half

Reality: You get into it a few fights over the TV and you can’t understand why he doesn’t want to watch Downton Abbey and how one person can watch so much football! So you go your separate ways and watch your own shows. Netflix even suggests you have different accounts…


Expectations: The house will be spotless and smell like fresh cotton. You both will take on tasks to make sure this will happen.

Reality: When you come home to a long weekend your just pray he at least put the dishes IN the sink


Expectations: You won’t fight! How could you?! You love this man and he loves you and honestly he’s perfect in your eyes

Reality: Well we all know (even if you do think this way) it doesn’t last. You learn to pick your battles pretty quickly. It really isn’t worth it to nitpick every detail that annoys you because honey you ain’t so perfect yourself


Expectations: Your mom was awesome at throwing your wet clothes in the dryer and folding them for you

Reality: His laundry sits in a huge pile on our basement floor and we might have to throw away all of our towels because we accidentally left them in the washer for 3 days


Expectations:  You’ll have those bookshelves decorated with odds and ends that just scream “us!” and pictures of your fondest memories together

Reality: His slow pitch softball trophies sit on our mantel. When I get drunk I put them outside on our back porch. I also bought leather bound books from an antique shop, he told me that I just brought ghosts into the house

Shower Necessities

Expectations: Your heart will flutter at the smell of his oh so masculine body wash and cologne

Reality: You pick up that EXPENSIVE shampoo and conditioner that will help keep your hair blonde that smells like lavender, then he starts to smell like lavender…

Fixing Things

Expectations: The two of you can put your heads together! How hard could it be to change out a light fixture or Spackle a few holes in the wall?

Reality: See below, you can’t even assemble Ikea furniture and the directions are just pictures. Call in your fathers!


Expectations: You’re going to find some amazing pieces of furniture at an even better price. You’ll find everything and more that you will need.

Reality: When you take a trip there and you only threaten to break up twice, it was a successful trip. Then you bring the pieces home and right before you take a hammer to it, he steps in and hits it for you…

Bed Etiquette

Expectations: You should split the bed AND the covers 50/50

Reality: HA that’s funny- I get atleast 75%


Expectations: You bring out your skimpiest pair of PJs so he thinks you actually sleep in a silk tank and bootie shorts. You’ll roll out of bed and quickly brush your teeth, fix up your hair and adjust everything to make it look like you sleep like this angelic lady


But these are the moments that bring you closer together. They also teach you to be OK with the fact that everyone is annoying some of the time.

What are some of your expectations vs. realities? Comment below! I want to hear them!

So until next time my loves,



3 thoughts on “Moving in With Your Boyfriend: Expectations vs. Reality

  1. I am moving in with my boyfriend in a week. Many of these things already have happen like the shampoo, dishes, and my bed hogging tendencies. hahaha Great Read Ellen!

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