Sundays are for finding a new Netflix show and watching the entire first season, while empty bags of popcorn and candy bars riddle the floor and couch. Sundays are for no makeup, for glasses, for books, for naps, for spending the day watching movies with the same plot Lifetime plays every weekend. Sunday is a good day for “A League of their Own.” Sunday is for football, for friends and beers. Sunday loves you just as you are.

Sunday is for saying you’ll wake up at 9 and when you actually do, you grab your computer to check on Facebook and doze off creeping somewhere through a Prom 2006 album. You also promise yourself that you will find a great book to read to make yourself more knowledgeable, but after 3 pages in to your $15 dollar iBook you find yourself searching through Tumblr.

Sundays are for those terribly colored mud masks and wet toe nail polish. They are for making cookies and eating half the batter. A time for rest and relaxation. A time to reflect on the week we ended  and the week ahead, what worked, what didn’t. Time to take a moment to mentally prepare for Monday.

Sundays aren’t for working out or actually doing anything productive. I love to make tea and sit on the porch just watching the people go by. Or watching my boyfriend and puppy nap next to me while I hear the rain coming down outside. The best days are rainy Sunday afternoons, where a lot of napping and a lot of TV happens.

Because remember tomorrow is Monday and you have to be up with the sun, and there will be no lounging about in your sweats doing mindless activities. Do all you can to relax and watch YouTube videos on cats. No agenda, no meetings, just enjoy the laziness.

I want to hold hands and waste Sunday with you

Sundays make us appreciative of the fast pace of the week. The older you get, the shorter a day seems. Sundays are a slowdown, but a reminder that it’s starting again tomorrow. Sunday says, Enjoy this. Sunday only comes once a week. So spend some time relaxing with the people you love, be lazy and just have some you time.



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