Everyone looks good in Valencia

There are so many reasons I hate social media and fashion together. I don’t want to see 40 pictures of the same outfit at different angles… I get it you put together a cute outfit you want everyone to see. When I post about clothes or fashion I try to offer a bit more but I still fall into that “typical girl” trap. We have all done it (just take a look around @theoxfordguide and you’ll see) I take some pretty awful pictures! I don’t have the time to have a photo shoot every day so I improvise, so quality is out the window! So I complied some of my favorite styles of pictures that at the time seem like they would be so cute but trust me they’re not!

The awkward Instagram shots

Holding the phone above your head

The completely headless shot


Your clothes strategically placed on the floor

What you think it looks like:


What it actually looks like:



Selfish Selfies: Young People Are Putting Lives At Risk By Taking Photos Of Themselves While Driving


The Beach Pictures

Terrible shot

Your knees that looks like hotdogs

The bikini bottom crotch shot

The obvious staged grouping of things


Your Starbucks Order

Next to some flowers


With your Macbook

In your hand

The stolen Tumblr quote-picture
(because every great quote had a random picture and filter)


Your Alcoholic Beverage

Your Nail Polish

So remember the golden rule, if you don’t have anything good to post, don’t post anything at all! There is no need to force a picture becuase you “have to post”! I would rather 1 picture a week of amazing quality than 40 pictures a day of nonsense

What do you guys think? Email me at theoxfordguide@gmail.com!

So until next time my loves,



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