Why I Love Working With All Women

I am a newbie to the professional workforce. There is a lot I have to learn, seen here. Each day is a new experience, good and bad. But I must say a lot of my growth comes from the people I work with day to day.

I work in an industry that is predominately women, most of them mothers and wives. Being the youngest in my office, I do a lot that I am sure aggravates them to high heavens but they continue on with patience to explain and educate. Working with all women… well we do have ONE male in the office, he keeps us grounded, they all have taught me so much! They don’t know they are even doing it because it comes naturally through their personalities. People teach you so much on a daily basis you just have to take the time to see it.

There are articles of people writing that they would rather work with men than women. Saying that they never experienced any good from working with females, how is that possible? Most women naturally emulate some type of kindness. So I am sorry to all of you who have not had a good experience but I have and here are the reasons why!


Maternal Instincts

They have this natural ability to comfort and listen. They offer sound advice, not just what you WANT to hear. They look out for each other.


Sound rational advice

They keep me grounded and centered. They allow me to vent over silly things but show me why I’m being crazy. When you work with people for 40 hours every week they pretty much know who you are!

Bad Attitude

You can have it all!

They’re mothers AND business women! As a young female just starting out in my career do you know how inspiring that is? It is amazing seeing that these women can do it all!


 They are human

They always tell stories that show you everyone’s life is just as crazy as yours! From husbands to children to house work they make you feel like you’re going to make it through!

 Household Chores

Being a new home owner I have so much to learn! It is nice to hear different tips and tricks from all these women! Best ways to clean the house, how to get stains out and so much more!

woman Winnage. you if you dont liek it, its funny.. shes not in the kitchen...

Money Conscious

There was a time when I wouldn’t dare to use a coupon! Now these ladies have me using my creativity to my advantage! Instead of buying a new dining room table I refurbished an old one my friend at work gave me FOR FREE!

Childish Tendencies

From crying over dumb things to fighting over dumber things, they try to understand me and not judge.


They know what works for their body and style and they are confident women. It is quite empowering seeing these women in action.



From hearing about my blog, to field hockey to my love life, the girls are always there to give advice and lend an ear.


Bad Mood

And even if I’m in a bad mood they make it known I need to snap out of it because well, no one wants to work with people in a bad mood, it’s just annoying…



So here’s to you ladies (and Chad) for teaching me, for showing me the ropes and guiding me through so much! I don’t think you will ever know how much you all have impacted my life! Thank you!




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