I’m really, really loving “up” hair at the moment. It could possibly be because our weather has been so wacky and weird lately and the wind is always going 90 to nothing. It’s impossible to have perfectly tousled “down” hair when this weather goes from hot to cold to rainy to windy. I’ve been collecting photos from Pinterest lately with updos that I just adore.

My obsession started when I began searching around for a wedding that I am going to be in. The bride instructed us to “wear our hair up” so I began my search for the PERFECT do. I have naturally thin hair that easily holds a curl so there is a mix of what would work with my hair and some styles that I think are worthy of being on this list!

I’m picky about the front of an updo, too. It has to be undone and slightly wavy. I spent darn near 20 minutes getting the front pieces of my low bun perfectly “bent” last week. I’m still working on it…

So far here are some of my favs! The top two are my top choices for the wedding! Plus a lot of these can be altered for every day wear! So give it a try and send me a picture to theoxfordguide@gmail.com!



bun cute updos for work









So what do you think? Up or down? Comment below! I’d love to hear!



3 thoughts on “updo

  1. I am also on the hunt for the perfect updo! I feel like my bangs make it more complicated and make me more picky. I’m not always a huge fan of the updos I see with full bangs in the front. #bangsprobz
    So if you come across anything, let me know!

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