Excuse Me, Do You Have the Time?

Fab Finds Under $50

I love love love watches! Ever since they took that masculine approach I haven’t been able to stop buying them. I was never really a big watch person before. Small, delicate faces really didn’t do much for me. In college I bought a men’s gold watch on Canal Street, it made me look like a Pimp but that was the look I was going for. Then they started popping up everywhere “the boyfriend style”. For some reason women love the idea of wearing their man’s clothing or accessories, (I do it all the time, sorry babe!).

So because I am still an ex-college student I want to give all of you Fabulousness at a reasonable price. The watches below are some of my favorites. I adore the map one from Urban Outfitters and the RumbaTime from Shopbop. So let me know what you think! Comment below or email me your favorite watch places, I’d love to see!

Myrtle Striped WatchKensington Gardens Floral WatchBKE Round Dial WatchRumbatime Orchard Mirror Watch - PeachASOS Vintage Style Boyfriend Strap WatchFaux-Suede Strap WatchOlivia Pratt Women's Anchor Emblem Leather Strap WatchGENEVA 3 Number Boyfriend WatchRodeo Drive Polka Dot WatchAlley Vault Watch

Watches are now adorning the wrists of people but they aren’t alone. I am sure a lot of you have heard the phrase “charmed arm”. It is the stacking of different styled bracelets and typically finished with a watch. Everything is different but there is usually a common factor whether it is a color or metal. So start off with a watch and just keep adding from there.

So comment below you all know I love hearing from you!!



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