Things I Hate Seeing at the Bar

People taking selfies

I can’t even handle

I’ve done it….

Girls who can’t walk in their heels

Ladies I beg of you, stop. I see you stumble about every weekend. If they hurt when you are getting ready then you will want your feet amputated at 2 am

That single person dancing in a “you don’t dance here” bar

We have a lot of bars here that are restaurants during the day, you know places where families eat and make memories, no one needs to see you dancing like you’re in Coyote Ugly

Places drunk people think are their bed

      -the bar
      -the toilet
      -the sidewalk

“Surprise me!”

Oh, honey you don’t want to go there. Unless this person is your friend, these bartenders are busy, they don’t want to get creative 11pm on a Friday night

When someone snaps their fingers

What decade is it? Is the sever your ACTUAL servant? I didn’t think so, don’t do that again….

The people who SHOVE their way through to get a drink

Everyone else is acting in a civilized manner- do the same you animal

Pulling the label off of bottles

Yes yes yes everyone knows the “meaning” but honestly you just made a fucking mess, you aren’t a child, clean up

Eating the food on a bar- nuts, peanuts etc.

Stop doing that! Sober you knows all of the grossness that comes with bar nuts….

Bachelorette Parties

Why are you in Vegas?

Your weird drink order

A Malibu Bay Breeze in December? Bloody Mary at 11 pm? Wise up on your drink choices



Until next time lovers!




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