9 Ways the Internet Can Screw Us All



Switching your Username with you Password

My company does not want to see Shopping33! as my new username

Taking the filters off all your pictures on Instagram

The horror… Tumbr definitely wouldn’t be as much fun….

Putting your SnapChats into a public album on Facebook

So. Many. Selfies.

Having a daily “Top 8” of people you looked at the most that day on Facebook

Well that would just be embarrassing because you know those top 8 are totally people you never want knowing you’re creeping on them. Sorry girl in my 7th grade science class. I hope your family had a nice trip to Mexico…

OR having Facebook pull a LinkedIn where you get a notification every time someone views your profile

Again girl in my 7th grade science class, I’m sorry..

You were only allowed to have one email address forever

watermelon132181@aol.com- BOOM!

Not able to hide your Facebook albums

Well you would deeply regret putting those Senior Week pictures up, you know the ones I’m talking about

Having your profile picture chosen randomly every day from all 2000 plus photos of you

You put it up there, get ready for someone to see it!

Having you boss get a monthly report of your GChat conversations

We don’t have that at work but if we did and this could happen, I would hope my desk supplies go to a good home

My runner up is:
Your parents/significant other could subscribe to your Google searches

You would TOTALLY think twice before googling


Scary huh? Well until next time dolls!



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