Life Lessons I Learned From Wyatt

Wyatt is my 3 year old Great Pyrenees. Wyatt fears most things in life like hardwood floors, steps, when beepers go off in reruns of Grey Anatomy and our neighbors flag. He does not play fetch or tug-o-war, he actually doesn’t play at all. He does three things, eat, sleep and cuddle. He is the best dog and this picture pretty much sums up my puppy.


So here is some of what my crazy puppy taught me:

Stop and smell the roses and every tree, bush and blade of grass. Life goes by quick so you have to enjoy it and take it all in.

If you beg someone long enough they will give you what you want, especially people who don’t know you and think you’re cute

Everyone loves a friendly greeting so make sure everyone who enters your home feels welcome- In our home a welcome comes with a hug and some dog hair

Know when to bark and when to listen- no one likes a loud mouth

Let the people you love know how much you care about them and don’t forget to cuddle

Even if someone yells at you forget about it. Take it as is, don’t do it again and just go back to enjoying your day.

Never judge people on appearance! But know who has hurt you in the past and proceed with caution.

Exercise daily and stretching is very important.

Live in the moment. If you want to run around the pool as fast as you can, do it! If you want to eat a whole loaf of bread, do it!

Have good taste! It’s ok to turn your nose up at something you don’t like (Wyatt loves French Macarons)

How not to give a damn and don’t get embarrassed! – Your dog poops and licks his own butt in front of people daily..

Rules are meant to be broken!- i.e. someone sleeping on the couch when we aren’t home

Not everyone wants to be humped by you… Especially in the middle of a party


And lastly just remember that you mean the world to them so try and reciprocate that feeling every day! Go for a longer stroll, give an extra treat, play fetch for a few more minutes. Just do something to make each say a little special!




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