Women: What We Are ACTUALLY Saying

What Girls Say Vs. What They Actually Mean

“I’m Fine!”

Jokes on you buddy it’s opposite day. We are actually pretty mad at whatever stupid thing you didn’t even know you did.

When we answer “Nothing” when asked “What’s Wrong?”

Again, something is wrong we just really don’t feel like getting into with you at your parents 50 wedding anniversary.

“How do I look?”

You really need to chose your words carefully with this one.

“I don’t care.”

Oh you bet your bottom dollar I do! So you need to go back to whatever I said initially and do it that way…

A loud sigh

This is the time we want you to ask us what is wrong. Even if you don’t ask we will eventfully tell you with a pretty aggressive approach.

“Thanks” vs “Thanks A Lot”

Thanks- all you respond with is you’re welcome, nothing more
Thanks a lot- start apologizing now

“I think I have something going on tonight…”

I have Netflix tonight that’s it, I really just don’t want to hang out

“I have nothing to wear.”

I actually have an entire room filled with clothes I just don’t currently like any of them.

“I like a guy who is romantic.”

No I don’t.

“Babe, can you do me a favor?”

I really don’t want to get up so I’m going to ask you to get me the bottle of water I left in the kitchen.

Avoiding eye contact

I do this right before I do my ugly cry, you know the cry where men have NO IDEA how to calm us down


So fellas just remember we love you and your tendencies so thank you for loving all of ours! You really mean the world to us, even if you get us mad and you have no idea why!

So until next time my loves,



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