French is the New Black

There is something about France. I don’t know if it’s Paris, the Eiffel Tower or that the national language is the language of love! Well someone somewhere decided to take the female obsession with all things French and run with it. People right now can’t get enough of graphic tees, especially when they are in a different language.

I remember last year when Madewell came out with the Bien Fait tee. I walked into our local store and asked if they had any left and the girl blew me off saying that they have BEEN gone. So we began chatting and after a few minutes of talking about our favorite pieces in the store, she whispers, “we actually have a small in the back, do you want to try it on?”.

Is this real life? Did I really just have to prove my worthiness for this t shirt?

Apparently I did but obviously I bought it. Then before I knew it, most stores were carrying tees that had some type of French saying on it and I was hooked! Whether you piece your graphic tee with a tutu or even just a pair of distressed jeans, it add a little something to an outfit. The French have an effortlessness about their style so I love channeling my inner Parisian diva when I wear mine! So here are some stores that have the cutest French tees and how ideas on how to wear em!

 How to wear it:


How to get it:

Charlotte Russe Sheer Paris Graphic Muscle TeeThe original: Elle est forte {She is strong} Proverbs 31 Womens TshirtImage of OH CHERISundry™ for J.Crew la mer teeMaison des A.R.T.S. SweatshirtFactory merci collector tee


So mes amis, let’s see how you style your favorite! Comment below or email me at!

So until next time,



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