Transition From Summer to Fall

For a number of reasons, early September is my favorite time of year. The temperature is just right and the touch of crispness in the air is a reminder that the season is turning. With that comes the changing of the seasonal wardrobe – which can be cause for anticipation and excitement.


Put away: All strictly summer weight materials (linens, open weave knits and light cottons, seersucker, eyelet)

Weaves worth keeping: Cashmere, woolens, heavier knits, fleece, silk, cotton, denim and leather

Colors and prints

Put away: Shades that scream “summer” like pastels, neon, tropical or floral prints, bright whites, and any prints or colors that obviously have a summer shelf life (Coral, salmon, butter yellow, baby blue, liberty prints, etc.)

Classic colors and patterns stay current: Jewel tones (like emerald and ruby), neutrals,  warm autumnal shades, mustard, oranges, red and burgundy, plum and eggplant purples, teal, navy, black, cream, brown, camel, tartan plaids, stripes, tweeds, etc.


Put away: Summer dresses, rompers, shorts, cropped or capri pants, strapless tops, sandals, espadrilles and open toe shoes, summer patterned handbags (daisies, straw, or nautical patterns)

Still in season and in style: Jeans, trousers, knit dresses, blazers, cardigans, long skirts and pretty tanks tops, tees, items you can layer, maxi dresses, jumpsuits, lace and feminine details, leather accessories

Upkeep Between Seasons

Twice a year, I like to send things out for a final cleaning and repair. Do this right before you pack things up for storage. You don’t want to put away dirty clothes for months. It is just easier to fix everything up. I also store everything in bins with cedar balls just in case there are moths looking to munch away at my clothes! Lastly love your dry cleaners they make everything so much easier.

But don’t pack away your summer pieces just yet! With just a few simple styling tricks you can take your favorite warm-weather basics into fall.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

1. Do: Invest in hats. This fall, one of the most popular accessories is for your hair. Consider caps of all shapes, sizes, and colors – hat hair is in! I love beanies, bucket hats, well actually any hat is an adorable added piece

2. Don’t: Stash your whites. Just because we’re past Labor Day, it doesn’t mean you have to hide your summer whites! Consider summer the new fall/winter, and pair your pants with fall/winter tops for a  cozy look. Plus winter white is my favorite color.

3. Do: Layer. Instead of opting for one thick sweater, jacket, or shirt, wear multiples. I love the old-school way of putting a flannel over a tee or even a chambray shirt with a sweater over that topped off with your favorite military jacket.

4. Don’t: Even think about putting away those patterns and prints. They’re not out yet! But do make sure to tone them down – instead of  a full dress or pant, think shirt, scarf, or skirt. Pair with  a subdued color and viola.

5. Do: Wear green. Everything from olive to emerald. Wear as a dress, jacket, skirt or top. Be bold.

6. Do: Grab yourself a feminine coat. Simple is out, bold and eye catching is in. Even if a patterned coat isn’t your style try you hand at a single color with feminine touches, like big bold buttons or fun and flirty cuts. See here. (I love the bow!)

7. Don’t: Wear tights or stockings as pants, they are not and will never be pants. Wear them under your favorite summer dress or skirt. Try to get patterned ones too, I’m currently looking for stockings with black polka dots.

8. Do: Know that scarves take any outfit from summer to fall as long as they are the right fabric. The picture above she is wearing clothes that can be worn in the summer but the deep eggplant scarf crosses that line into fall.

9. Don’t: Wear inappropriate clothes. Meaning, it is cold outside, don’t forget that. Always bring a coat or a scarf to warm you up. Yes summer clothes can be carried over but it is no longer 90 degrees.

10. Do: Store the flip-flops. Summer will come again, but the worst thing you can do it pretend like it’s still here. Cover your feet, and move on to shoes and boot!


Stay warm,



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