Sex and the City Style: Carrie

“I will never be the woman
with the perfect hair,
who can wear white
and not spill on it”

Carrie Bradshaw in

The Naked Dress

I have been searching for one and right now Zara has something that is pretty close to what she wore! I love the sexiness of the dress and just how it was so sleek and simple


The little grey dress

Again she wears simple really well with the perfect amount of accessories

The Million Layered Dress

Just imagine gliding around a room in all that fabulousness

Tiffany Blue Coat in Paris

She looks like a doll I would play with, I think I need a fur beret!


She wore tulle before it was popular


And graphic tees..

Typical people pair them with some jeans and Toms, Carrie wears them in Dior and overalls

3 words: Vogue Photo Shoot

These are my top three favorites, by far. Especially the Dior gown.


She not only is in a tux with crimped hair but she is rocking an amazing headpiece/ crown!


PJs and Pearls

So much is going on here from the cream booties, to the sequin beanie- this is how Carrie does a sleepover


The Black Studded Belt

I love that this was used several times throughout the movie, because let’s be honest, I was beginning to think the woman never wore anything twice!


The White Dress

AGAIN, she does simple so well. She takes a plain piece and just lets the cut and fit do all the talking.


So cheers to Carrie Bradshaw and all of the style she brought into our lives. She made us feel confident in clothes WE love and not what is popular and in style. Lastly remember if you like it wear it.


So until next time,



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