9 Reasons Why I Love Football Season

This title is extremely deceiving, since I hate football. I live in Pennsylvania so we love, like really fucking love Penn State and Eagles/Steelers football, especially in my small hometown.

Well, I really love when Penn State wins too because when they do I get a free iced coffee Monday morning. That is were my love ends. I really don’t see the fun in sitting alone watching football all day on your 60 inch TV and bowl of chips. With your phone in hand, the TV blaring while your computer is streaming live stats, making most men almost look like stockbrokers on Wall Street. Like I’m sure my boyfriend can’t understand my excitement to watch hours of Gilmore Girls!

I don’t mind it when I’m at a bar and everyone’s attention isn’t sucked into this game or when we have a full day of fun and drinks with friends, but honestly I’m not a football gal. Some girls are, some just THINK they are. Then there are things like this article. Plus I think Bobby Boucher’s mama sums it up pretty nicely:

Buncha overgrown monsters
man-handlin’ each other…

Even though I don’t like football, I try really hard not hate on it all the time. Because when I binge watch a show and don’t do anything all day my boyfriend never says a word. Football season is just so exhausting though, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday it’s just too much! I do try and look on the positive side to life so here are my reasons I love football season:

The mall, outlets and every other shopping based activity I love, isn’t crowded. I can peruse the shelves as I please. There is not hustle and bustle like Saturday morning at Target

Drink specials are ridiculous plus I love going to the bar Sunday afternoon

I love when people come over so any excuse for a party I am totally there!

Pizza, chicken wings and beer is the trifecta to my heart

Football means increased human gatherings. Increased human gatherings will do wonders for your Instagram game

My sport is field hockey, if Football is here, so is Field Hockey

My boyfriend is secluded to one room so I can clean the rest of the house OR if it’s a lazy Sunday I’ll commandeer the other TV to get my Netflix on

Football fashion equals leggings and t-shirts

Fall is here


So fight on State and just enjoy the fall months and the people you surround yourself with!




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