Fall Weddings


I love weddings. I love all the dancing, the families, the beautiful bride and groom, the wedded bliss, it’s all amazing. If you’re like me you want to try and find the perfect outfit for the wedding which  is a balanced mix of your style, the venue and the couple. You wouldn’t wear a ball gown to an outdoor bohemian wedding. The same goes for the seasons. Summer weddings have a totally different look than fall and winter weddings. From the fabric to the style the season makes a huge difference.

Since we are headed into the cooler months, we have to start switching out our wardrobe. My cousin is getting married next month and I can’t wait! It is an outdoor wedding which is going to bring amazing colors, a beautiful sunset and that crisp autumn air.

All weddings have the potential to be fun you just have to prepare for the climate. I once went to an outdoor ceremony in early October, I was planning on wearing just a shall, but at the last minute I grabbed my wool coat. It snowed the entire ceremony. Just make sure you understand what wears best and remember when in doubt, over prepare.

Also, nobody wants to look inappropriately dressed at a wedding, nobody. But beyond the obvious don’t-wear-white rule, there are other issues to contend with. Autumn nuptials offer the perfect excuse to up the glam factor! Whether you’re the mother-of-the-bride or a best friend, opt for looks in darker shades and luxe fabrics, and accessorize accordingly.

Think rich autumnal hues, gorgeous prints, and something that transitions from the church to the reception. But as we prep for some chillier weather, make sure you complete the look with the right coat or jacket — remember, nothing looks worse than pairing a puffer with a black evening gown!

So, Remember:

– Focus on the color. Neon is not a good match for the warm hues that fall brings us. If you want bold colors, try cobalt blue, emerald green or even a bright raspberry. Go for rich colors not vibrant.

-Be careful with the cut. You want to be warm but you don’t need to wear a cable-knit sweater dress.

– Choose the right fabric for the right season. Keep the linen dress at home. Try to wear a heavier fabric. If you wear a lighter fabric, wear it in a muted color. A yellow tutu dress isn’t going to help in November but if the tutu dress is in plum with some gold pumps, it will totally be a show stopper!

– I love heels, from sky high to strappy sandals, I don’t discriminate but your cork wedges are not wanted here so leave the summer shoes for the beach.

So here are some ideas:


Some of these are not budget friendly but I just wanted to show what styles and fabrics you should look for to prepare for the cooler months ahead!

Kind Intentions DressBookmatch Sweater Dresshttp://images2.freepeople.com/is/image/FreePeople/33251653_060_a?$zoom-super$Jun & Ivy Floral Pleated DressUntitledExquisitely Effervescent Dress by Tatyana - Silver, Print, Glitter, Special Occasion, Party, Shift, Sleeveless, Woven, Better, V Neck, Cocktail, Holiday Party, Full-Size Runhttp://images.express.com/is/image/expressfashion/new_94_779_7134_554_63?cache=on&wid=800&fmt=jpeg&qlt=70,1&resmode=sharp2&op_usm=1,1,5,0&fit=fit,1Untitled


Do what you can to keep those toes warm! Peep toes are fine for fall and work with stockings for Winter. Closed toes are another more obvious option!

Heels - Pack on the Panache WedgeBOLDD BLACK

http://a248.e.akamai.net/f/248/9086/10h/origin-d4.scene7.com/is/image/KateSpade/S1041507K_436?op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&wid=467&fmt=jpgCollection Roxie glitter suede pumps


These are just some of my top favorites, you can also use scarves/ shalls, cardigans, or even jean jackets.


TOPSHOP Faux Fur Hybrid SnoodEliza J Faux Fur Stolehttp://images.selfridges.com/is/image/selfridges/215-74008255-FELINE7170_BLACK_M?$PDP_M$


Dolce & Gabbana Sequin Jackethttps://i2.wp.com/images.dailylook.com/imagesproc/L2ltYWdlcy9wcm9kdWN0L2phY2tldC9ETC05ODMwOF9WMS5qcGc=_H_SH540_MW350.jpg


Schoolboy tipped blazerFactory cropped zipper jacket


Biba Marabou and feather capeNMF15_T8V8RFeather cape. Custom made voluminous Luxe capelet. Black swan wings

So I think that covers the basics! Let me know what you think! Comment or email, I want to hear what you all do to keep warm and still look fabulous at weddings!

So until next time,



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