Fashion That Needs to Stay Out of the Office



It makes people super uncomfortable when your boobs are literally hanging out of your shirt. People don’t know where to look and when they are looking you into your eyes, it looks like their neck is going to break.

Visible Undergarments

Whether it is the panty line or your bra strap, both are tacky. The VPL is the worst, yet people still do it! And no one wants to see your bra through your shirt or having that ratty strap keep falling down!

Casual Fridays

This is not about crop tops and distressed jeans, it’s about looking professional sans the dress clothes. An excuse to wear jeans while still looking put together.

Ill Fitting Clothes

I am a HUGE fan of clothes that look like they were handmade for the person wearing them. There is nothing I hate more then when my button on my oxford pulls over my boobs or when my dress pants are too tight and my pockets pull. Also your dress pants should never be so tight that they roll on your leg as jeans tend to do

Wrinkled and Stained Clothes

There have been multiple times where I have left the house in something that looks like it was laying on my floor because well… it was. It only happens because I rush and when I rush my clothes are the ones who suffer. So try picking them out AND ironing them the night before. Doing this will also prevent wearing something that has that coffee stain you’ve been meaning to take to the dry cleaner.

There are a lot of articles out there they say don’t wear sky high heels, messy up-dos are sloppy, and my favorite don’t wear too little or too much makeup. Your style is your style and just because you now work in an office doesn’t mean you have to lose that. Yes maybe certain things can stay at home but honestly I try cross over my weekend wear with my work wear. If you want to wear your new camo tee with a skirt and blazer, do it! You never want to get bored with getting dressed every day! So be you but be the best possible you! Don’t let something like ripped dress pants or a see-through shirt ruin your true style. Just take the time every day to put your best foot forward, especially in sky high heels!

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