How You Know You Have Been Friends With Someone For-Ev-Ver

The biggest ingredient in a best friend
is someone whose actions you respect
and who you can truly be yourself around.

They know and have witnessed some pretty horrible things. Middle school romances, your questionable fashion choices and the headgear for your braces at sleepovers. And yet, they stuck around.

They know EVERY person in your life, probably without ever meeting them! From your freshman year roommate your co-worker BFF and they are probably friends with them on Facebook.

They are pretty much the only person who you can say “Shut the fuck up!” or “Suck it up and move on!” to you because at that moment they know that is exactly what you need to hear.

You’re the person their other half has to “win over”.

There is no running tab of who bought what drink, there is no running tab on money at all. It eventually evens out right?

They know you. Like you pout when you’re mad or that it’s a given if a movie is put on after 10 you’ll only make it through the opening credits.

Their house house runs on a open door policy. You no longer serve them like they’re a guest and you definitely don’t clean if they’re coming over. You know exactly where the fridge is and you are entitled to bitch when there isn’t food there that you like.

Their parents are like your parents. You probably text each others moms whenever you feel like.

Maybe you don’t talk every day but when you get a text at 3am you know it’s something worth answering.

You know everything about them especially their birthday, phone number (even their parents home phone), siblings middle names, address, and something about them is an answer to a security question to log into your bank account.

You can  reach across the table to steal food off their plate.

They can tell you when you look less than fabulous, not to hurt your feelings but because they’re the only one who can.

Forcing you to talk about something you don’t really want to talk about, but they know it’s bothering you and that it’s important you talk through it in order to deal with it and move on.

You make plans for the both of you because sometimes you just need a friend there, and it most instances only your best friend can handle whatever pit you’re throwing them in to.

They know the nitty gritty details of your life…

You can send literally 30 messages and they’ll patiently answer every one and not think for one second you’re out of your fucking mind, because they’ve known that since you were 10.

When you tell your side of a story they are secretly editing it because they know that you have an “active imagination” but they never call you out on it. 

You have grown together over the past 20 years, never drifted apart. That means that they are in your life for the long haul.

Remember these are the people who came into your life and never left your side. They have been through it all and more. So base all your relationships off of this. So many times we befriend people who really don’t care about us but a great friend won’t ever get tired of all your pointless drama that you like to tell over and over again or get mad at you when you don’t answer their messages. They honestly just chalk it up to “well this is how she is” because they know. I never had sibling so my best friends were my sisters. They knew everything because they were my people to confide in to. So thanks girls!

Until next time,



H- A- Double L- O- W- Double E – N Spells HALLOWEEN

Halloweens is my favorite holiday. Every year I get so excited! Ever since we have been in our house we have had a costume party! So here are all of the details you will need to throw an epic Halloween Party. Costumes are a must! But they can be so expensive so here are some ways you can use what is already in your closet! The details that make up your house are a huge factor and a lot of these are cost efficient. Pumpkins and some scary stuff goes a long way!

DIY Costumes

DIY Halloween Costume Inspiration: Wednesday Addams from Design Love Fest. A black dress or black shirt and skirt, black tights, DIY felt white collar, etc… Not that hard.Creative Halloween Costume: DIY Piñata Costume! #diy #halloween #costumeDIY Halloween Costume Orange Is the New Black...this is sooooo happening!!!  Dress up with your significant other this year! Here are 12 DIY Halloween Costumes for Couples - #halloween #costumes #DIYDress up with your significant other this year! Here are 12 DIY Halloween Costumes for Couples - #halloween #costumes #DIYDIY: Minnie & Mickey Mouse Costume...I think this is cute. Dont think zac would go for it lolFor Amy: 6 DIY Halloween Costumes | Her Campus'90s Halloween Costumes For Couples: Phil and Lil From RugratsDIY Couples Halloween CostumesThese Legends of the Hidden Temple contestants. | 50 Couple Costume Ideas To Steal This HalloweenCaptain Planet and Planeteers - perfect group costumeOperation - Such a cute couples costume !!!

DIY Decore

Halloween Chalkboard

If you don’t already have a chalkboard in your house you need one. They are such a cute and personal decoration. Plus you can change them for every season!

:)cute menu / Oh Sugar EventsBroom modelsAutumn ~ Pumpkins, Bonfires, Nature Walks, Smores, Autumn Leaves, Lattes, Appleseighteen25: Halloween Chalkboard PrintableFall In Love With Fall (Link party Features)Halloween chalkboard drawing - I love this one - Sisters We Ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Trick Or Treat Sign - Halloween Chalkboard Art - Halloween Decor -Black and White Halloween -Halloween Art - 11x14 Print on Etsy, $29.00chalkboard sign for fall--I probably won't make this sign, but this would look cute embroidered on something.  Like a wall sign, pillow, or blanket.Hocus Pocus Halloween Chalkboard-may have to put something like this on our chalkboard now that my cardinals art is erased :(



You can literally do anything you want on a your pumpkins. From carving to spray panting. The ideas are endless and so easy, you don’t need to have a creative bone in your body!

EEK! More Pumpkin Carving IdeasAddress pumpkins - love this idea!Black and White Pumpkins: 18 Stunning DIYsPumpkinsTrick or Treattrick or treat

outdoor decorating ideas | 10 Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas | ShelternessOutdoor Halloween decorations

Home Decorations

kids Halloween party!i love the blood type tag...  Vampire Teeth Drink Dispenser Stand #potterybarnGreat inspiration for decorating. 20 Halloween mantels by to make a halloween mantle display for under $10

something wicked this way comesTable Decor

These are just some ideas but over the past few years I’ve come up with some tricks of my own!

– Obviously living on a budget you have to work with what is already in your house. For example I have pictures in frames, well all I did to Halloween-ify them is put in some Halloween scrapbook paper and added some stickers. Change out lightbulbs in some rooms to give a more scary effect.

– Go to you lcal craft store and see what they have in their dollar sections . Usually you can find a lot of cute things.

– Pumpkins are cheap and an easy way to decorate them is to spray paint them a few different colors with some simple designs like stripes or chevron. Both can be done with painters tape.

– Adding spooky fabric can make a huge difference too. Like pulling your shades all the way up and having a bat fabric hang in  your windows will look awesome from the outside.

-Get some mums too! They are hardy and will last you through the fall.

– Go on Pinterest! It is a go to database for all things creative. Look around see what you like and try to copy it. That’s what I do anyway!


So stay scary loves! and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!



9 Times We Put Outselves in Bad Situations

Offering help with no intention of following up

Typically when you offer someone help they are in need, emotionally, physically, spiritually. When you offer help because it “sounds” good and you don’t follow through, that says something about you. If you have no intention of helping, don’t offer.

Early morning weekend plans

For everyone who works a 9-5 job Monday through Friday, the last thing they want to do is have to set an alarm Saturday and Sunday morning. So yes early morning breakfast or helping a friend move might seem like a good idea, remember you have to wake up with the sun on a Saturday.

Telling someone a secret you know they won’t keep

We all have the person that you think you can confide in. Every time you do though, everyone some how knows your secret that you shared with them. If someone has blabbed in the past they will blab again.

Going somewhere you know you won’t enjoy

Why go? If you know you won’t have fun or enjoy the company around you why are you there? And if the answer is “because I have to be!” Then you better make the best of it because no one wants to be around you if you’re miserably sitting in a corner.

Starting an argument with no intention to finish it

We all do it. Midway through you realize you’re wrong or that you just had a bad day and needed to yell at someone. Well this isn’t ok to do because this innocent person you’re yelling at got the brunt of your bad day. Now they don’t want to drop what you created and rightfully so!

Relying to heavily on others

It’s a bad habit to get in to. You feel as though you need to constantly be surrounded by someone. Whether it is constantly being in a relationship or relying on friends for everything.

Overloaded schedule

Hi my name is Ellen and I am a chronic overbooker. I think I can do 100 things in one afternoon. But it isn’t enjoyable for my or the people I am spending time with. Everything is usually rushed and no enjoyable because you have allotted yourself only so much time.

Worrying about things that we don’t yet know the outcome of

I am very guilty of this! I stress over things when I myself aren’t even sure if the outcome. Don’t worry, what will be will be. We can’t control fate any more then we can the weather.

Pushing our friends out of our lives when a new relationship starts

It happens. Your friend starts dating a guy and you never see her again. Her life revolves around him and his life. Well she eventually comes back because they broke up and has pushed everyone so far away that they want nothing to do with her.


So remember think before you act because you don’t want to be that friend! We all have them, the one who says things because it sounds good but that doesn’t get anyone anywhere. Just be kind and rewind!

Until next time!


25 Things Every 25 Year Old Needs

“Your life is your message to the world.
Make it inspiring.
Write something worth reading!”

Queen B

  1. The ability to say “no”, whether it is doing a favor for a friend, turning down hours at work, going somewhere you don’t want to go and even if you don’t want to have sex with someone.
  2. Recognizing when to stop complaining and when to do something about it.
  3. Doing grown-up stuff. Like making and keeping doctor’s appointments. Having a general understanding of your health insurance and benefits, especially your 401(k). Not over drafting your accounts, and just overall being in control of your finances.
  4. Live within your means- keep to a budget and make sure you put away a little every month
  5. Learn to get off the grid every now and then. Turn off your phone. Don’t post things to Instagram, and lastly don’t even think about updating the digital world on how you are feeling via Facebook. So hide away and just be alone with you.
  6. How to be content with being alone, from being single to just enjoying a quiet night while your significant other is away. Learn how to entertain yourself.
  7. The ability to know how to clean ALL of the clothes in your closet, everything from that vintage leather jacket, to that bright white lace dress. If something says dry-clean only don’t through it in with your sweats, unless you really don’t like it, then have at it.
  8. Having the right cleaning supplies in your house- even though you think Clorox wipes were sent down be the gods, they aren’t meant for that glass stovetop or soap scum.
  9. Have a passport, a nice piece of luggage, the ability and essentials to pack a carry-on. Not only because that is all a weekend trip requires but because you need don’t need to over pack anymore
  10. A healthy relationship with her body and the ability to not have her happiness dependent on comparison or what a man might think.
  11. Household essentials: a drill, working flashlight, how to unclog a pipe, change a fuse, paint a room and hammer something properly into a wall.
  12. A hobby. That does not involves vodka, shopping or a combination of both.
  13. A mild idea of who she is going to become
  14. No longer having to justify who she is, what she eats, who she dates or what she is wearing.
  15. Having a relationship with your mother, preferably a healthy one but functioning will do
  16. An emergency kit that is always handy including- Advil, tampons, Band-Aids, clean underwear, travel toothbrush, $50 in cash, a condom, extra contacts and a charger
  17. How to make decisions.
  18. Control over your patience and temper. You will have to learn how to deal with people that you would rather not deal with. Trust me; I know there is nothing more annoying than your friend who sighs over the crying baby. Oh honey your day will come…
  19. The ability to cook something quickly, master a recipe that people will swoon over and know how to make a basic breakfast. Your guests (even if they are hung-over) will appreciate it
  20. Staying in is just as fun as going out.
  21. Claim responsibilities for your own actions. If you hurt someones feelings apologize. It takes a big person to admit to their errors. Do your best to right your wrong. Also know when you have unintentionally caused someone pain. Realize that all of your actions will have a reaction.
  22. A favorite coffee order, a spot you can go sans makeup to grab a beer, a place to take a friend who is visiting from out of town and lastly a place you can go that is just for you
  23. A general understanding about politics and what is going on in the world around her.
  24. Choose your friends wisely. You won’t keep everyone from college and high school, but the ones who matter will stay.
  25. You have been on this Earth for 25 years, you should make the most out of every day.

So remember, just be the most fabulous you, you can be!


Black Jeans

1. They are totally understated

Bringing back that 90s vibe. They really show off someones personal style. Every woman should own a pair.

2. The aren’t just jeans

They offer a step up from casual blue jeans. They can easily go from day to night. Some call it a transition piece, I call it convenience.

3. They Wear Well

Like a leather jacket, black jeans (specifically) look better the more you wear them. They offer an effortlessness. I’ve owned mine for 3 years and they look just like they did when I bought them.

4. Unisex

Both men and women can wear them. Think back in time, all of the “cool guys” wore black denim. Girls try out black denim, sky-high heels and a red lip. You’ll take your look to a whole new level, Sandra Dee.

“After the craze for prints and all the wild colors,
going back to black is like hitting the reset button,”
Tracey Lomrantz Lester of Gilt Groupe.

So, if you already have black jeans, you are probably patting yourself on the back. Good for you!

So if you don’t have them, are you jumping on the black jean train yet? If not, here are some pictures that will surely push you off the fence….

Love everything about this! High-waisted black jeans with striped top and booties, perfect everyday outfit look.

I love this style

Black Jean With Floral Top Comfy Cardigan

Change it up..... Plaid shirt with striped top, plaid shirt with black jeans rather than blue- changes the whole look

Love this Olive Linen Jacket! And distressed skinny black pants :)

Black denim trousers with white shirt for a casual chic look

Now it’s your turn!
Fab Finds Under $100:

Topshop Moto 'Jamie' Ripped High Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans1969 curvy skinny black jeansAbercrombie & Fitch Super Skinny JeansLevi's Bold Curve Slim JeansWomen's The Rockstar Black High-Rise Super Skinny JeansNasty Gal Denim – The Kink in Sabbath Black

So style on lovies! Email me at and show me your personal style!


Unrealistic Romantic Cinematic Gestures

Big Fish

One word: flowers. More precisely daffodils from FIVE states. I’d settle with a bouquet from Wegmans.


Oh I can’t even! When she tells him her name is Rose Dawson, my heart melts! I guess that’s the least she can do for the poor guy.

Love Actually

Not only does Sam dodge airport security but he also learns a musical instrument for the girl he loves. Gentlemen take notes.

10 Things I hate About You

The man hot wires the sound system and interrupts her soccer practice to serenade her to “I can’t take my eyes off of you”! And the marching band is even involved!

Dirty Dancing

“Nobody puts baby in a corner”. You’re damn right Patrick! Because they need her to dance!

Never Been Kissed

Grossie Josie apologizes to Sam in the paper and waits anxiously to see if he will show *SPOILER* He does.

50 First Dates

No man has the patients to continuously try to hit on a woman he doesn’t know especially if she doesn’t (or pretends she doesn’t) remember him

Beauty and the Beast

So he’s an animal, who takes a human as his prisoner? he begins to fall in love with her? is excited she “doesn’t shutter at [his] paw”? and gives her a library? Makes sense.

Pretty Woman

A successful business man falls in love with a hooker. Oh but here’s the kicker… He faces his fear of heights to confess his love for her.

The Proposal

Editor-in-Chief needs her assistant to propose to her so she can become a citizen, oh and he’s loaded!

Signs You Were in a Sorority

You can recite the entire Greek alphabet. Backwards? Child’s play.

People skills: nothing develops them quicker than recruitment

Your reaction when people said you paid for friends:

Source: giphy

You have multiple pictures in these poses: (I don’t know these people)

  • Squats
  • Hand on Hip
  • Head Cocked- Grab your big

You know the difference between alumna, alumnae, alumni and alumnus

You wish you could trade board meetings for sorority meetings

You still can go to your big for anything

Whenever you see your mascot you take a picture OF it or WITH it and tag everyone you can think of. I can’t even tell you how many turtles I am tagged to.

You have an immediate connection with people at work who were in sororities- especially yours!

You still have all of your letters and Greek shirts

The late nights of recruitment are nothing compared to late nights in the office

Mixers now involve coffee not Jungle Juice

Most of the guys in your phone read something like “Mike Sig Chi”

You miss waking up to your sisters, then running down the hall to grab the rest

To craft: a verb.

Whether you feel like staying in, going out, or watching SVU all day, there will be someone who feels like doing the same thing

Having your sorority on your resume allows for an easy scapegoat when employers ask you to tell them about yourself

Nothing beats the deal of $5 at the door and free drinks all night, even if they are out of a gin bucket

You can never take too many pictures

Not every girl is Elle Woods

There is a bond you will forever have with the girls in your pledge class- Alpha Pi!

After all this time you will still be sisters for life


“My sisters have taught me how to live.”

Sounds tacky, I know, but some of the girls I met through my sorority have helped me grow and develop into the person I am today. Life wouldn’t be the same without them! And I love them for that! So here’s to my Phi Sigma Sigma sisters and all the others who have experienced the happiness of Greek Life!


Coats Under $100

My all time favorite thing about cold weather is bundling up in a cute jacket! I have more coats than I’ll ever need sitting in my closet, and every time I go shopping I’m still drawn to the outerwear section. It’s like my shopping kryptonite! Of course, though, since Fall is once again making its appearance, it’s only fitting to put together a list of awesome coats for totally affordable prices.

With a range of jackets that will be great no matter what kind of style you gravitate towards that are all super cute and sexy, we’ve got you covered! Yes, jackets can get pricey, but you don’t need to spend loads of money to find the perfect on for you this Autumn season! You can now save that extra cash for a rainy day! Take a look at the slideshow for some great ideas on how to look fabulous this Fall without breaking the bank! Car Cruisin’ Jacket - Better, Blue, Blue, Solid, Casual, Long Sleeve, Fall, Knit, Buttons, Pockets, Travel, 2, ShortTall Black Collarless Biker JacketBlue Pattern (Blue) Light Blue Tile Print Duster Kimono  | 323134449 | New Look

Flow Fluid Trench J Kincaid Rita Linen Blend JacketRed (Red) Red Pocket Front Collarless Coat  | 314184760 | New LookClassic cotton trench coatTulle Clothing Vintage Inspired Short 3 Warm Wishes CoatTulle Clothing 50s Long Long Sleeve On the Beat Coat

UNIQLO Women Wool Blended Duffle CoatChicnova Fashion Colorant Match Irregular Crochet Coat

Going Out: Now vs. Then

A few nights ago I was out and about with my girlfriends and we decided to go downtown. It was homecoming for the local college so EVERYONE was out. Well I have never felt so old in my life. I witnessed many things that hurt my soul but my favorite was one kid, who was obviously using his parents credit card, flipped out when they wouldn’t close out his tab immediately (the bartender was in the middle of taking an 8 person order) and another kid screamed “I am here to get as drunk as I possibly can!” while looking my group of friends up and down, nodding in approval.

Now I am not saying I have never acted like this, because that would be a bold faced lie. I am also not claiming this doesn’t still happened, because it does every now and then. But dear God, if I drank as much as I did in my early 20s I would be unemployed and probably in rehab. So here are some minor changes I have been noticing from college life until now.

Getting Ready:

9 When You And Your Girlfriends Show Up

Then- Something tight- less is better and hopefully made of spandex- let’s not forget heels that make your legs look like a Rockette!

Now- Friday- I’m thinking no bra, paired with a boyfriend friend tee…and by that I mean a bra-less night with sweatpants and your boyfriend’s old baseball t-shirt



Then: You had hours to get ready and sorority sisters down the hall to help out! Make-up was fun and you had hours to watch You-Tube videos on the perfect smokey eye

Now: I’m lucky if I have enough time to brush my hair in the morning


Ordering Drinks and Food

Then- Typically you go to Applebees for half-price apps, under-tip the waiter then drink your face off in your dorm room because you can’t afford drinks at the bar! You also wear the best outfit, so people buy you lots of drinks

24 Car Service

Now- You and your friends go to a restaurant- sit down and eat actual food, and tip the waiter well. You share a few bottles of wine after asking what kind pairs best with your meal. Then you are home before midnight in bed watching Netflix


Drink Choice


Then: SHOTS!


Now: Anything straight up is straight up vile.


Missing Out:

everybody wants to be us

Then: It didn’t happen! You went everywhere, seven days a week and you didn’t leave until they made you. Your best friends pseudo boyfriend’s best friend’s roommate’s birthday: wouldn’t miss it!


Now: If anyone calls me after 11 I think someone has died



8 Expecting A Big Night

Then: Loud bass, seizure inducing lights, sweaty men, watered down drinks- I’m there!

Now: Clubs? No thank you I’d rather go camping



Head Straight To The Bar

Then: You make terribly strong mixed drinks of cheap vodka and whatever juice is in the fridge. You drink while you shower, change your outfit 40 times and put your makeup on!


Now: If I start drinking somewhere that is “the event”. There is no lets get drunk before we go out- because it isn’t socially acceptable to do that anymore.. and showing up to your work Christmas party wasted is typically frowned upon.


Big Night Out

6 When You're Finally Ready

Then: “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” So what it’s 6am let’s start day drinking!

Now: Is planned at least a week in advanced, because weekends are now filled with practices, birthday parties and cleaning.


The Next Morning

Then: “Do you think anyone in Chem Lab will notice I’m still in my sequins dress from last night?”

Now: I accomplish nothing, my whole body is off  and I will literally sweat out the alcohol for the next 3 days.



16 You OWN THe Dancefloor




Someone Asks For Your Number

22 Hot Guy Asks For Number

Then: You TRY to get as many numbers as your can, your night is unsuccessful if no one hit on you

Now: What part of me sitting here in a corner not looking at you say “Yes! Come over and hit on me!”