14 Ways to Be a Beautiful Woman


Beautiful. It’s a powerful word. It isn’t a word that is just thrown around but every girl wants to hear it. Not from their grandma, but from that man (or woman) that makes her knees weak! This word chases women to diet and get plastic surgery. But honestly what exactly makes a girl beautiful, it is her perfectly curled hair, her red lipstick, the perfume she wears, or how her clothes fit her body? I personally don’t think it’s anything from your outer beauty. There is a quality that elevates a woman from sexy to beautiful. Because the girl that is perfect for you, will not longer be classified as JUST hot.

She never tries to be anyone but herself

She doesn’t need a man but she wants him by her side

She is grateful and thankful for everything and everyone in her life

She’s open and has a soul- which makes her a person you always want to be around

Her passion defines who she is, not her looks

She never makes excuses

She bends over backwards for her family and friends

She loves her friends for who they are and never tries to change them

She shows you her “real” face because she isn’t afraid to be without makeup

She actively listens whenever someone is talking

She can captivate you with her words and knows how to speak to people

She has an air about her, its a perfect mix of confidence and kindness

The limelight naturally finds her, she doesn’t chase it

She is kind to everyone even if she isn’t their friend

She notices the little things about people like what they are passionate about

So remember Jessie McCartney had it right all along. He didn’t want another pretty face, he just wanted a beautiful soul. He might not be the next John Lennon but the kids got a point. Your physical beauty is amazing but your inner beauty speaks volumes about you. So what do you think! Comment below and what makes a woman “beautiful”.

Stay Beautiful!



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