Going Out: Now vs. Then

A few nights ago I was out and about with my girlfriends and we decided to go downtown. It was homecoming for the local college so EVERYONE was out. Well I have never felt so old in my life. I witnessed many things that hurt my soul but my favorite was one kid, who was obviously using his parents credit card, flipped out when they wouldn’t close out his tab immediately (the bartender was in the middle of taking an 8 person order) and another kid screamed “I am here to get as drunk as I possibly can!” while looking my group of friends up and down, nodding in approval.

Now I am not saying I have never acted like this, because that would be a bold faced lie. I am also not claiming this doesn’t still happened, because it does every now and then. But dear God, if I drank as much as I did in my early 20s I would be unemployed and probably in rehab. So here are some minor changes I have been noticing from college life until now.

Getting Ready:

9 When You And Your Girlfriends Show Up

Then- Something tight- less is better and hopefully made of spandex- let’s not forget heels that make your legs look like a Rockette!

Now- Friday- I’m thinking no bra, paired with a boyfriend friend tee…and by that I mean a bra-less night with sweatpants and your boyfriend’s old baseball t-shirt



Then: You had hours to get ready and sorority sisters down the hall to help out! Make-up was fun and you had hours to watch You-Tube videos on the perfect smokey eye

Now: I’m lucky if I have enough time to brush my hair in the morning


Ordering Drinks and Food

Then- Typically you go to Applebees for half-price apps, under-tip the waiter then drink your face off in your dorm room because you can’t afford drinks at the bar! You also wear the best outfit, so people buy you lots of drinks

24 Car Service

Now- You and your friends go to a restaurant- sit down and eat actual food, and tip the waiter well. You share a few bottles of wine after asking what kind pairs best with your meal. Then you are home before midnight in bed watching Netflix


Drink Choice


Then: SHOTS!


Now: Anything straight up is straight up vile.


Missing Out:

everybody wants to be us

Then: It didn’t happen! You went everywhere, seven days a week and you didn’t leave until they made you. Your best friends pseudo boyfriend’s best friend’s roommate’s birthday: wouldn’t miss it!


Now: If anyone calls me after 11 I think someone has died



8 Expecting A Big Night

Then: Loud bass, seizure inducing lights, sweaty men, watered down drinks- I’m there!

Now: Clubs? No thank you I’d rather go camping



Head Straight To The Bar

Then: You make terribly strong mixed drinks of cheap vodka and whatever juice is in the fridge. You drink while you shower, change your outfit 40 times and put your makeup on!


Now: If I start drinking somewhere that is “the event”. There is no lets get drunk before we go out- because it isn’t socially acceptable to do that anymore.. and showing up to your work Christmas party wasted is typically frowned upon.


Big Night Out

6 When You're Finally Ready

Then: “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” So what it’s 6am let’s start day drinking!

Now: Is planned at least a week in advanced, because weekends are now filled with practices, birthday parties and cleaning.


The Next Morning

Then: “Do you think anyone in Chem Lab will notice I’m still in my sequins dress from last night?”

Now: I accomplish nothing, my whole body is off  and I will literally sweat out the alcohol for the next 3 days.



16 You OWN THe Dancefloor




Someone Asks For Your Number

22 Hot Guy Asks For Number

Then: You TRY to get as many numbers as your can, your night is unsuccessful if no one hit on you

Now: What part of me sitting here in a corner not looking at you say “Yes! Come over and hit on me!”



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